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  1. What is the character redesign token? At reset, how many months of subscription will I automatically have? Thank you!
  2. Hi, sorry for having to ask this guys -- In my products is listed "Patron." What physical items will I get? Thank you!
  3. I built my current computer, which has a water loop, amd socket a4, rtx 2080
  4. Yes, I understand these concepts. I still want to seek help from smarter individuals when spending this much money. I have built many computers.
  5. ah, I thought a dedicated network card was superior. I got the memory value from the manual
  6. On the motherboard specs it says "memory 2133 MHz". Does that mean I cant run 3600 hz ram with it?
  7. Purchased just now. Can anyone recommend a network card?
  8. Is there a hardware guru out there that wouldn't mind working with me on my build? I'm a computer science teacher, I definitely know the basics, but I need help making sure I'm doing some things right like utilizing the full potential of my RAM, figuring out a motherboard, etc.
  9. I will be adding any content I can to it. I appreciate these suggestions
  10. I learn better on paper. I want to play dual universe as well as I can, so it'll be a reference resource to help me learn. I am a teacher and my job is very high stress, having it on paper lets me zone out/decompress in an accepted way.
  11. Hi, I am wanting to print out and make a binder of all the update notes. Does the below linked thread have all the update notes from that first date shown and onward?
  12. I'm only seeing 12gb memory on 3080ti vs 24 on 3090. Why isnt that important?
  13. Thank you guys!! this is helpful
  14. I know a lot about computers, I just get overwhelmed when looking at motherboards. I was hoping you guys would have a suggestion and then I could vet that specific suggestion.
  15. Also, I should have mentioned that I am looking to run DU at max settings.
  16. Can someone help me pick an exact motherboard? (i know you guys suggest x570, but which specifically I am going to be running an rtx 3090 and amd 1950x, along with a few nvme drives. Also, I have another question. I have been playing w a 2080 connected to a 70 inch tv w an hdmi cord. Last night I switched to my alienware ultrawide and a displayport cable. The lag was DRASTICALLY reduced. What caused the reduction? Was rendering so many pixels on the larger TV taking the power, or was the HDMI bottlenecking, or was the HDMI port on the video card not as powerful as the displayport?
  17. I dont think the cpu is the issue. When I am playing, CPU sits at like 5-10%, GPU is completely maxed out, and is a 2080.
  18. 1. Have they said when new solar systems might be? 2. Are automated defenses on static constructs still gonna be a thing? 3. Have they said anything about larger core sizes?
  19. Would upgrading to an AMD 5950x be worth it?
  20. Hi, I am looking for some advice on upgrading my PC to run Dual Universe better. I am going to run a 3090 and threadripper 1950x, both on a water loop. I currently have a prime x399-a motherboard. A new motherboard would be beneficial, correct? I'm not so great w motherboards. I plan to run nvme drives.
  21. Hi, I was wondering how to "properly" dock dynamic cores
  22. changing shadows from 'none' to 'low' fixed my issue! as always thank you guys!
  23. Do we think there will be (much) larger cores in the distant future? (I know you can dock mediums onto larges for the moment) Thanks
  24. I hadn't seen that this got replies, thank you guys!
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