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  1. This is factually incorrect on several fronts. You could scan down an asteroid yourself.
  2. God forbid there be an atmosphere. Perhaps you should build on the tile like the game intends. Did NQ promise you a life-filled tile?
  3. If they do not listen at all, what is the point of your post? If they do listen, why are you blindly complaining without providing solutions?
  4. You are factually incorrect. For instance, when people did not like the schem system, it was changed. That is a direct example of NQ listening. A claim that there is "zero" meaning is not true, as I have provided an example meaning it cannot be zero. Other examples exist, but that is not necessary as you claim there is zero reason.
  5. They interact with out opinions all the time. They implement things based on our decisions. JC even quit because peoples' opinions turned against him so strongly. Your statement is not founded in fact. Saying they develop the game at their own chosen pace is simply a ridiculous statement. They work as quickly as they can while not rushing things through. They dont sit at home and go ".... hmmm..... I think I could take another two months on this because I feel like it." Thats a ridiculous claim for a company with supervisors and investors. If you dont like the game, why are you here?
  6. A lot of this is temporary. Do you have solutions to offer or are you just blindly complaining?
  7. I have claimed a 30-tile tier 4 node and am almost finished with full mining skills. I am looking for investors to help me with the start up cost of the Rare mining units. No one person needs to pay for the whole thing. You can make any amount contribution and you will receive 5x the amount you sent once the mining is running. I will be building the units, so ore is accepted as well. You may receive your reimbursement in t4 ore or quanta. The amount returned will be equal to your investment, times five.
  8. I am scanning under the ocean. It is incredibly difficult to see the tile borders with the V view on. The 'hex walls' don't display when their background is the rest of the ocean. IE, the borders show on the section that is angled down, and the background is the ocean floor, but as soon as the hexes rise above the ocean floor (from the players perspective) the lines entirely disappear. It is making placing my tri scanner difficult. Is there anything I can do?
  9. To be clear, this is not the tone my comment was meant in. I love Dual Universe and I do not see it that way. I am just frustrated with communication from NQ.
  10. I try not to be negative because I love this game so much but this is really aggravating. Not only do we not have a time but the day itself is apparently still up for change? I'm literally calling out of work for this as I imagine many are, who have been waiting eight years. Not only that, but apparently they cant be asked to reply to us in this thread? I am disappointed.
  11. I have been a backer for *many* years. I play on an i9, 3090ti with ddr5 ram. I am a computer science teacher. I am looking to join a team. I want to contribute in some way that the team needs in exchange for efficient answers to questions. The most valuable resource that I can attain is the ability to ask a question and get an answer. Likewise, warm bodies are surely a valuable resource for a team. Hopefully there is someone out there that can provide and appreciate the arrangement. If I can answer anything else please let me know.
  12. You should all know that the chances of finding a randomly placed station increases exponentially with the distance from the most populated area. The statistical chances become infinitesimal very quickly. Though I am not a fan of the current mechanic, it is entirely logical to use hiding as a military tactic in this case.
  13. Both prices are negligible. I don't see why anyone would complain about a five dollar difference. You spend more than that on a drive in gas. I am more than happy to pay this price for this game.
  14. There is no point in any more than 64gb ddr5 for DU right?
  15. What are some of the best ways for me to buy core BP's between now and reset? IE are there hubs/locations I should go to to buy from a market unit, are there individuals selling lots, or do I need to contact as many individual sellers as possible? Any insight would help thank you
  16. What about the redesign token?
  17. What is the character redesign token? At reset, how many months of subscription will I automatically have? Thank you!
  18. Hi, sorry for having to ask this guys -- In my products is listed "Patron." What physical items will I get? Thank you!
  19. I built my current computer, which has a water loop, amd socket a4, rtx 2080
  20. Yes, I understand these concepts. I still want to seek help from smarter individuals when spending this much money. I have built many computers.
  21. ah, I thought a dedicated network card was superior. I got the memory value from the manual
  22. On the motherboard specs it says "memory 2133 MHz". Does that mean I cant run 3600 hz ram with it?
  23. Purchased just now. Can anyone recommend a network card?
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