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  1. Your nitpicking, its a valid question. People are dicks, in every creative game like this there are always those people that go out of their way to make things that are offensive and rude to others, in DU they will be paying subscribers and are enjoying the game the way they want to. My question is where will the line be drawn? I'd like to know specifics if they exist. Also, what happens to the person that makes something others think crosses that line?
  2. Nintendo has a long history of successfully shutting down fan made freeware projects that are too similar to their characters/software. I'm not sure where one draws the line.
  3. isn't the real problem going to be the all the ripoff ships that look like xwings etc.. from whatever sci-fi is popular. Or the giant flying dick shaped space ships, you know that is coming. I don't think people in general will care enough to want to steal someones original designs. Here is a thought, can you get banned from the game for making something inappropriate? Who gets to decide what is inappropriate? How do you go about reporting other people, how do you know who is flying that fugly ship?
  4. The fundamental problem that I see with restricting weapon automation is there are going to be alot of people that are going to want to build a big ship and fly it around. Nobody is going to want to be gunner #3 that gets to do something 'if' you get attacked by someone else. It will probably just take time but I think weapon automation is going to be in the games future. One of the videos says the scripts only run when you are close by, they are client side, not server side. So I don't see too much a problem with the idea as far as server load.
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