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  1. Hoo didn't saw your answer, i was writing in the same time For the informations, depend of what king of informations, if it is informations about other clans, well ... you're right that suck. Also if they give freely some stuff.
  2. There is something i would like to see in DU that is possible in EVE : Scams. In Eve it's tolerate (allowed but with some rules, basicly you can scam a single player but not using a fishing web-site for massive scaming). I hope that in DU we will be allowed to scam someone out of DAC without having an InGame Moderator coming to take it back. (If you give freely your cupon to someone ... well, your just f****) In my opinion, Devs must play to them game, after all, how to dev for players if you're not yourself a player ? And after a few year I would definitl
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