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  1. if you make a copy of this line in your LUA code, it deos'nt work because the quote use for the label " text" hare not the good one. you must write : dataText = system.createData('{"text": "Hello World"}') And "Hello Word" appear in your windlet So the complet running code is: panel = system.createWidgetPanel("Panel") -- Display “Hello World” widgetText = system.createWidget(panel, "text") dataText = system.createData('{"text": "Hello Word"}') system.addDataToWidget(dataText, widgetText) -- Display a title “Title” widgetTitle = system.createWidget(panel, "text") dataTitle = system.createData('{"text": "Title"}') system.addDataToWidget(dataTitle, widgetTitle) -- Display a gauge filled at 60% widgetGauge = system.createWidget(panel, "gauge") dataGauge = system.createData('{"percentage": 60}') system.addDataToWidget(dataGauge, widgetGauge) -- Display “Weight 80 kg” widgetValue = system.createWidget(panel, "value") dataValue = system.createData('{"label": "Weight", "value": "80", "unit": "kg"}') system.addDataToWidget(dataValue, widgetValue) unit.show()
  2. Sorry how do you Show your new widget ? i made those try: Panel.show() panel.show() but at each time it give me a scrit error ! Find !! as it is write in the unit modul, you must write: unit.show the widget appear, but "Hello Word" does not appear ???
  3. discordauth:qVegPuna37i2BqxGz5rzqPsGGifq7iQxtI3uIt7x2eE=

  4. discordauth:qVegPuna37i2BqxGz5rzqPsGGifq7iQxtI3uIt7x2eE=

  5. discordauth:qVegPuna37i2BqxGz5rzqPsGGifq7iQxtI3uIt7x2eE=

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  6. Bonjour tout le monde Hello evry body Happy to begin soon the game with the Alpha
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