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  1. I'd like to attend the Alioth Aerospace Expo.

  2. discordauth:KoK9Xwkp6UfiGZcTi6KqisnfJIgDYN6ggrsZm2hUIqc=

  3. Getting back to the original question: I am also a Linux user. Ultimately it is too early to be able to say if it will work. Much has yet to be revealed about the client, and the many changes yet to be made can all affect the ability to run under WINE. Meanwhile, over the course of DU's development, many additions will be made to WINE to fix the gaps that potentially prevent using it under WINE today. It will come down to what the system requirements are for the Windows client: 32bit vs 64bit, Windows 7 supported or only Windows 10, etc. Those system requirements have not yet been defined, and
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