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  1. I already tried that ... for lack of a better way to explain it ... it is like my backer account was not given a "beta code" to play the game starting on Aug 27th. I have been able to participate up until that day. And then ... I can't log in ... like I don't have have an active account to play the Beta as of Aug 27.
  2. I am definitely able to log into the game website (support, forums, website) using my email and password. So I know that is working OK. I also have had a friend log into the game from my PC with his information (so I know the game works). the issue just seems to be my specific account - logging in with my account information results in the HTTP ERROR 100.
  3. Well this is unsettling ... you would think that someone would be interested in helping backers solve account log in issues.
  4. thank you for responding ... but my issue is directly related to the account and not being able to actually log into the game. I need a support phone number or email so I can reach out to them and get them to solve the account issue.
  5. Does anyone have a direct email or phone number to reach support? My friends have been playing since Friday after I invited them with my beta codes. I am a backer who has played up until the new beta launch on Aug 27th. I am not able to log in to the game, I can't play with my friends, I am not satisfied with the over 48 hour wait for something this simple to fix. I am getting HTTP ERROR: ERROR 100 when trying to log into the game. The error says my username or password is wrong. I have verified my email. I have changed my password 12 times. Each time, I am able to log into all the normal websites for DU (including support). However, I can't log into the game. I am not satisfied with the fact I gave them $300 to support the game, addicted my friends to play it ... and now can't get in due to some stupid account glitch. Is there anyone who can be reached via phone or email? The support ticket que is obviously a joke. And the Discord reps said they can't help. if anyone knows, please post - I would really like to play the game.
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