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  1. discordauth:lz63t2ZMxmytOxjjEiXw0Dl4Zpu9U2soFXLPpuwbW3I=

  2. These youtube comments really pissed me off. I hate NMS, all new space games are compared to this fc*king crap.
  3. In the same "aspect" of the game, if DU don't have piston and rotor, how can we build a big door on a big space station by which a small ship will have to enter? Anybody have a thought on this?
  4. Hi guys! It's my first message on the forum and i'm very happy to be part of this community and especially of the pre-alpha. I just have a simple question, maybe nobody know at this moment but I'll try anyway. How will work the refining of raw material? I think about the process in Space Engineers with a refinery bloc with conveyor to carry the refined ingots into a container. What's your thoughts on that for Dual Universe? Thanks! Have a nice day! 22 days left!
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