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  1. Morning and hello, as the title said, if i buy the Contributor Pack, will i be able to play the game NOW ? Thx
  2. When will the next crowdfounding round start?
  3. Dude i have more invested in games as i can count, so don't be so rude an tell me that it is worth to pay 120 bugs for ehmmmmmmm nothing?
  4. ok, thx for your answers. So i will wait until the release because 120 € are enormous much money for a game what isn't ready In the approach.
  5. so, if i buy a package what contains alpha access , i can't play it yet, cause its prealpha?
  6. morning everyone, one quick question cause i don't find it somewhere else, is the game still in Alpha or in Beta state phase? greetz from the bear
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