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  1. note: i agree a death star is op what about a smaller gun? one that can still be used to do alot of damage but will not completely destroy unsuspecting players with the design of how the game is said to be i dont see these weapons very fair but there still needs to be some weapons that can be fired from space and can effectively destroy a target in one hit (the target being 100-300m diameter circle) to combat the power of such a weapon you could make it over heat cost a tone to make and use alot of power along with firing some of the rear materials as bullets there has to be a balance to
  2. well thats gonna be annoying. well hopefully they add expensive world cannons or something that can help bomb enemy worlds at an extreme cost.
  3. Im curious about how the AI and Custom programs will works as i think i heard that they are going to be locally saved meaning you cant make a miner for well you offline this seems like a big down side. so i was wondering if there would be a way to create in game computers or something along those lines that runs a (Custom)program in a loop every few seconds (note: these SHOULD cost a lot to make and larger ones could run much more much faster) on top of making mines and other such AI this would allow for automatic defenses. if anyone has any info on if you can actually save programs
  4. will there be a way to damage terrain from space? and if so will it be fully withing the rules to completely destroy planets? although it would take a long time to create and would take a lot of power to function but will there ever be any weird way that you can completely destroy planets? and if so how much trouble if any would you get in? if there are no traditional guns that will fire that far could you have a ship fly into it and damage terrain and if it was going faster would it make a bigger hole? on top of all that how would the servers handle such a large amount of dest
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