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  1. discordauth:eMwPSQ-yJiRk6HQEsRekgEu-FP6O3KPOI4hl3QtRNRc=

  2. discordauth:eMwPSQ-yJiRk6HQEsRekgEu-FP6O3KPOI4hl3QtRNRc=

  3. "You make good stuff Hilts" - Group Captain Ramsey


    Call sign  "Cooler King"


       I'll be building awesome ships and flying around.

    If you have a ship you would like built for you let me know.


    Or if you'd just like to fly together send me a message.


    Fly wrecklessly,

    Semper Fidelis,

    Captain Hilts

    1. Captain_Hilts


      Join the Fringe Exoplanet Cartel!

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