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  1. Corpus Valida is an organization whose primary pursuits are peace and prosperity. The organization aims to create a vast network of interstellar trading hubs and across celestial bodies. These hubs will be a safe zone for anyone in any conflict, and be a place of trade and mercantile endeavors. The organization is looking to recruit members of any designation, whether it be a merchant, mercenary, architect, etc.. Mercenaries hired will act only in ways that defend the hubs or merchants intending to utilize the hubs for trade. This includes defense from invasion and defense fr
  2. I am not sure if this feature exists yet, or is going to be implemented in the future. But let's say I have a really cool are I've built that is representative of my organization, (Corpus Valida) and I want to make that a staple in any player hub that relates to the organization. If there was a way to save the creation as something, and turn it into a pre-fabricated building/base/city so that when I wish to create a new hub I could just select it and place it (materials needed, of course)? Have it as a sort of blueprint mechanism, maybe make it an in-game attainable item, so that arch
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