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  1. Corpus Valida is an organization whose primary pursuits are peace and prosperity. The organization aims to create a vast network of interstellar trading hubs and across celestial bodies. These hubs will be a safe zone for anyone in any conflict, and be a place of trade and mercantile endeavors. The organization is looking to recruit members of any designation, whether it be a merchant, mercenary, architect, etc.. Mercenaries hired will act only in ways that defend the hubs or merchants intending to utilize the hubs for trade. This includes defense from invasion and defense from piracy in designated trade routes. Architects hired will lay out the foundation of the hubs and decide how to shape the physical representation of the city. Merchants hired will be affiliates to the organization and do trade under its name, prophesying the haven network of hubs. Resource collectors hired will be affiliates to the organization and work under its name, providing it and the architects with resources needed for their growth and projects. The collectors will benefit from security and the latest technological resources possible as a thanks for their contribution. Idealists hired will be affiliates to the organization and work under its name, providing the hub with the most efficient and practical technological artifacts, whether it be simple machinery or more complex vehicles and automated defense systems. They will also be available to sell copies of their designs and thoughts freely under the Corpus Valida name. If you are interested in becoming a part of the organization, contact us. * Corpus Valida is currently a part of the Cinderfall Syndicate
  2. I am not sure if this feature exists yet, or is going to be implemented in the future. But let's say I have a really cool are I've built that is representative of my organization, (Corpus Valida) and I want to make that a staple in any player hub that relates to the organization. If there was a way to save the creation as something, and turn it into a pre-fabricated building/base/city so that when I wish to create a new hub I could just select it and place it (materials needed, of course)? Have it as a sort of blueprint mechanism, maybe make it an in-game attainable item, so that architects could actually trade the blueprints to other players with the option of that blueprint being the only copy, or if it can be a mass-produced blueprint. I feel like it could be a good idea, if its not considered already!
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