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  1. This moment when you realice you won't be able to play the game

  2. fredrunner


    I have a concept that maybe works. At one time in the game a new solar system is discovered. Everyone who wants can go to this universe to find there rare ores and rare stuff. After a little time the star in the solar systhem implodes and the world is automaticly reseted. But in the normal solar systhem everyone lives fine.
  3. I think radiation where also a nice feature to spice up the mining.
  4. I'm glad that there arn't so much mistakes in my text. Hopfully it remains a little time in the future.
  5. everything is fine I am happy

  6. I have a question for the save zones. I think after a few months the save zone is totely destroyed by mining. What have you done against that. Sry for my bad english and if the question is already asked or also is answered. Maybe its false how I post this but I'm new here and I'm not so good in english.
  7. how could I post something?

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