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  1. why only ban drugs. also it could be banned tec from other countrys. if goverments are at war it would be stupid if they trade goods like weapons. so if you buy one and try to sell it at a regular market at the enemy country it wouldn't work. At a black market it would be something different. Or goods that need a tradingpermit like weapons or drugs. at a black market everyone could buy it. and maybe there could be a good reason to sell drugs with a permit. maybe like striking a illness or healing a wound. take 5 of a drug and get back to normal or take it and boost your stats. like painkiller
  2. ikeifi

    think tank

    ​sorry if this isn't something new. I found nothing about this possibility, so i thought nobody would think about it . I thought if you have country and want to build up secruity you need reseacher that work not alone to make a army\police with good power, 'cause if that wouldn't be possible you would need only one person crush a whole country\system. So it would be maybe every day in the game revolutions over the all plants. maybe at the beginnig that would make sense, but later..... it would be senseless. it would be like call of duty with minecraft elements and skills if there is somet
  3. ikeifi

    think tank

    Will be player able to make a think tank? For example. player Dude have the skill to make energiesystems and weapons. so dude make energie weapon mk1. player guy have a skill to use stealth-item and weapons, but need energiesytem to craft it. So player guy and player dude came together and make stealth mk1 und a better version of energie weapon mk1. maybe at a lab or something. possible or impossible ? ps. sorry for bad english.
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