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    This idea would go well with warring if it extended to data about planet surfaces too, tbh. Especially with the way the respawn points work. As was mentioned in one of the interviews, destroying enemy respawn points would be a good way to get them out of the fight for an extended amount of time. Scouts out looking for these points and sending the info back to the attack forces would synergize well.
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    While all of those are possible, and even probable, it's never a good idea to design a system that relies on player behavior to make it work out correctly. They need to design the game from the start with these issues in mind, and have a way to mitigate or remove them from the start. That way no matter what players decide to do or not do, the new players will always be ok. That's just a matter of the devs protecting their own interests. The new player experience is going to be vital for a game like this. Player retention is going to be vital. A game like this, with a fairly steep learning curve needs to have a good first hour or so. Ease the player in before dumping a bunch of heavy choices on them. Players will have a lot to figure out already. Not just game mechanics, but players will need to learn the current politics, expected behaviors, and everything else on top of it in order to get by in the game world. It's a known fact that most players are lost in the first few hours of their gameplay. It's vital those few hours be good enough to hook them, and again, the game needs to be designed from the start to do that, irregardless of how other players choose to play.
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