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  1. The Slaxx and Ardour's falldown was an interesting lesson in stepping-over-the-line, but ultimately, a sorry waste: waste of time, of energy, of actors and of ties. A pinch of maturity would have kept this ecosystem of love and hate mostly intact and flourishing, for the benefit of all. ... And it would seem we're not even completly through this nonsense yet.
  2. This is very akin to what I do. Therefore I like it.
  3. Go to dusleepers.fr for Topics and Records about Dual Universe.

  4. Dual Universe Sleepers is going on a 2-weeks break. See you soon !
  5. I'm updating my Records on organizations and I request your help: could you please check here for your org and PM me the mistakes, changes and precisions you deem relevant to mention ?
  6. So it would appear arrogance and miscommunication create strife and resentment. ... Mindblowing. Though this does bear some links to educative topics, I'd rather look at pretty pictures.
  7. On the contrary, my phrasing was carefully chosen: I do not belong to any org. However, I'll be happy to participate in other outlets, such as DUHS but also Outpost Zebra or Alpha Academy, just as long as they remain unbiased.
  8. So Lethys asked questions. And he got answers. What those answers reminded me is that in the "history" business, be it newsies or oldies, there cannot be neutral alts or neutral orgs or neutral representatives: only neutral people. And those people will have to earn other people's territory access, story time and overall trust through... well, their neutrality, I guess, as well as their patience and their will to follow their guest's rules. Nothing is granted here. By the way, have I mentioned I do not plan to belong to any org, nor have alts on my account ? What I do here, is what I am.
  9. You guys need push-to-talk. The background noises are horrendous. Otherwise, good content in an enjoyable ambiance. A fine work.
  10. Alpha Team Vanguard is assembling and everyone is ready to rumble ! I personally cannot wait to see my avatar fail to activate a switch, lose its inventory, clip through the ground and then get disconnected, 12 times in a row. So exciting !
  11. This looks simply amazing. ... and thank you for the link to my little amateurist initiative, much appreciated.
  12. So I wrote a topic on TU leaving CSyn, and got some - deserved - flak for posting up a TU quote but not a CSyn one. This was a mistake, for two reasons. One: it is indeed unfair, in case of conflict, to give more "speech time" to a party than the other; I have no bias myself about this affair, it just happened that TU got in touch with me and not CSyn at the time, but I should have known better. Two: quotes are for news articles; they do shed light on a situation but in such case, they are beyond the scope of my initiative, which is - as I made amply clear on several occasions - recording history and NOT writing newsfeeds. So from now on, I will not be posting up any quotes anymore - though I will add Astrophil's comment on that TU/CSyn topic, it's the least I can do. I will however keep looking for inside comments on any given situation, but only as personal insight-gathering. Also: it looks like this Sleeper will get an early wake-up call ! Big thanks to Novaquark and the CMs for adding me to the Vanguard Alpha Team, this is a much-appreciated validation.
  13. Galactic Republic of Planets ! Alpha Team ! Portal Rules ? Arks ? Sleepers ! Only words, no puny verbs !
  14. Still rolling, with a little topic about The Void Republic. Also: dat Yama's Montage Madness.
  15. This looks interesting. Keep you ears open for the Dual Universe Radio Network project, as well as Cinderfall TV, Dual Universe Explorer's livestream and TVR's News & Discussion.
  16. I originally planned to set up an organization, some sort of network of observers. However, it seems unnecessary and time-consuming for now: what I WILL do is prowl the Dual Universe with my eyes wide open, a full pen and a large notebook right at hand, laying my observations upon any available canvas (the future official in-the-works community site, for starters, but Lord Void's Historical Society and Alpha Academy also come to mind). Nice song ! I didn't know Green Day, actually. There isn't much to it: just keep your eyes and ears open, both IG and IRL, write it down with a date and send it to me, even if it's "too late": this is not an "exclusive news report" but a "let's not forget it happened" thing; also check the Historical Society and the Alpha Academy for similar-minded-yet-larger-scoped initiatives. Sleepers is just me.
  17. So someone on Discord expressed his opinion that Dual Universe has yet no history and that "true history" will begin after game goes live. I beg to differ. As far as the game is concerned, "history" started when J.C. began musing with the idea of a server technology able to sustain a single-shard editable world, back in 2011. As far as we players are concerned, "history" is right now. We're living it. It has already started. That person probably - and rightly so - meant that recording current "history" was kind of irrelevant, since few of what we see today (projects, organizations, hierarchies, roosters, blueprints and so on) will endure the harsh reality of actually having to do stuff to happen ingame. This is all a dream for now (the term "Sleepers" was not choosen randomly by your humble chronicler, mind you). However, when you wake up after a vivid dream, though most of it is gone the moment you open your eyes, some of it remains: fuzzy yet marking oniric memories, that might shape your day... ... or even inspire the rest of your whole life.
  18. The forum moderators are on the way but we're still waiting on their official introduction. May I humbly suggest we do not lose anymore time on this ? We need them.
  19. Quiet days but we're still rolling: polls, livestreams, comments... That redstone thing - you know, the blue one ? - is neat.
  20. There definitely will be, since I'm writing all of it as it goes. Once beta goes live, however, the Sleepers will awake and my work will morph accordingly, probably into a diary.
  21. We know have a view on the org tags, rights & votes system and it's one of the most important things, like, ever. So, yeah. Vivid dreams to all Sleepers.
  22. Thanks guys ! And you know what the best part is ? This is all NQ and us. Our thing. I'm just laying the footnotes, here. I know, I confess it's a cheap hosting and tool, and it's ugly, but I feel... unmotivated to invest time and money in fancy wallpapering. It went from "Meh, good enough for starters..." to "Meh, I'll do it later..." to "Meh, I'll be using the community hosting anyway...". I need to find how to kill those huge gaps in endpages, though. EDIT: Those pesky infinipages are history.
  23. Some tools have been set up recently, namely Lord Void's stats mapping and Diverse Unified Accord's page hosting: should they flourish, these initiatives could prove unvaluably useful once game goes gold. Please keep checking DUSleepers for more wall-scribbling and shower-thoughts.
  24. Every time I catch myself - or others - thinking: "Wow, so quiet, much uneventful, very boring, can't wait for alphaaaa !", I remind myself of the Novaquark guys, frantically crunching under the deadlines every man-hour they can squeeze out of their day. I bet they cannot wait either.
  25. The brilliant GDC pitch episode and the following IGN interview put Dual Universe into an even more public light. To this reniewed exposition, we owe the "hateful" comments on the IGN Youtube video page: the visibility upgrade attracted more, new viewers, each with his preconceptions on game development, hence the abrupt fallacies about P2P model, NMS-AntiHype or Space Engineer Looking-Alike. Again. Novaquark and the DU community already won the first crowd. Hell, we ARE the first crowd. It is up to us to win - and not fight - this crowd too. Also: "A Thousand Deaths For Murray". Really.
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