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  1. Not only use those creations as relics, but also maybe as working buildings/ships? Let's use (Everquest) Landmark's idea of development with community and create tournaments for builders to design and build diffirent type of buildings and ships, so that Devs wouldn't be able to do everything. Voxel gives freedom, why not to use it? Besides it makes backers occupied and able to really participate in the process of creating their dream game...
  2. How about a combination of EVE Online (30 minutes server maintenance every day) with Landmark regeneration of world? Let's assume that the server this big will need frequent breaks (every day/two/three for example), so why not to use that break to restore some of the world that has been altered/destroyed/etc? Also some things could regenerate faster than others. Just a thought
  3. Well, it's not my stuff, yet it's a friend of mine - check out Shattari ( https://twitter.com/Shattari13 ) for quite huge amount of inspiration for sci-fi stuff. Oh, and guess what - they are all made with voxels!
  4. Voxel resolution and problems with textures (and very bad LOD) were quite a pain in Landmark to create something really, really complex, not to mention that in order to create let's say curved stairs, one had to spend half and hour doing some magic to achieve that It was satisfying to create stuff, but very time consuming. PS. BTW, if I understand it correctly, to make voxel stuff moving (flying), program has to automatically transfer voxel stuff to mesh after it's done, right? This process cannot be undone if I'm right. This feature was discussed in LM several times, but finally it was not possible to achieve with upgraded (complex) tools due to many errors that it generated, etc (I'm not an expert in technical stuff, so can't explain it better I'm afraid).
  5. I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with Elite Dangerous communication, but I think something similar could be usefull here. Basically, there is a chat in each station, there is whisper feature, whisper to group, etc. One feature that is trully nice is the possibility to open voice chat to ships that you meet. Also there are group voice chats. Add some EVE Online freedom with chat windows and there - you have everything you need for communication to work fluently,etc Just my 5 cents...
  6. Yes, but these are the basic tools, like selection tool, add tool, cut tool, shape tool. It's what LM had at the beginning (I've described the diffirence with those pictures). What I'm asking here, is if those tools are going to evolve, mostly by adding things like line tool, smooth tool and increasing general precision of voxels.
  7. Hello everyone! I've used to be a big fan of EVE Online. I've also have been a big fan and backer of (Everquest) Landmark, at least until it failed to deliver what was promised... Anyway, when I heard that EVE Online and Landmark might be mixed up to create something that might push MMO genre to higher state, I just couldn't hesitate and backed the project yesterday. However, some of you know how Landmark ended up (and Everquest Next). One of the reasons was the case of using voxel engine, which proved to be technically complex in what it would, but was not able to deliver. But...it was fun to build stuff there. I really enjoyed the freedom of doing that, with all those tools that were being constantly updated since the release of closed beta in Feb 2014. It was a blast to see really talented builders making the best of voxel engine that LM was using. To get to the point - from what I've seen on movies, right now Dual Universe will allow to build just simple shapes using basic tools which do not involve things like nanovoxels, etc. So basically DU at this moment is on this level (I'll use LM analogy here): As you can see on this picture, most forms are rather cubic in shape - squares, squares everywhere... Over some time, LM evolved to have the tools capable of creating almost any shape that user wanted, therefor in some areas it provided usefullness compared to 3D modelling programs on the market. It started to allow to build things like that (another LM analogy): 1) So, the question is, will Dual Universe building tools be evolving enough to be able to build some complex ship/building designs and really let our imagination shine in this game? 2) One of good things in the process of creating Everquest LM/Next was the fact, that community was really involved in doing that, by participating in organised tournaments in building diffirent kind of things. Will we see something like that in the process of making DU? Kind regards, Hampius PS. English is not my native language, so please forgive for any mistake that happened, and if something is not understandable, let me know and I'll try to redefine my questions.
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