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  1. I wonder how many members will be in the alpha..
  2. I agree on multiple cores, i can imagine going as far to have individual sections of a ship each with a core, whilst being a master core for the ship as a whole, this would also allow subsequent ship and space station sections/upgrades to be manufactured independently perhaps by different organizations and then brought together, so the task doesn't fall on a single organization to construct something truly massive.
  3. this isn't meant for a a single player, the size of a ship required to preform such actions would be by it self an impressive achievement, requiring the input of (purely speculative) say 100 players, and operating it would require as many again, its an idea to solve a problem that wont appear and present it self for a long time, which isn't to say people wont strive for larger-scale operations on their own terms. EVE shows this very well. as for power and efficiency, this wouldn't be simple efficiency in terms of greater output, eventually a level is reached where it becomes the next step
  4. Whilst i agree, that modules/ships and equipment should wear over time, your brief summary is too general, and by no means am i an expert on the subject of entropy, but just because something is complex does not mean it will degrade faster then something of lesser complexity. items/things in general can be designed to last. your example of the stone pillar surviving one thousand years and an F-16 only a few dozen hours, whilst possibly true, excludes many factors. ignoring the aspects of the pillar, and examining the F-16,we know it is a military aircraft, as such emphasis is placed on co
  5. Having thought about how resource collection will play out over time, and the usual demand out-stripping supply, i propose methods of collecting resources on a far greater scale, these methods deal with mined materials. Thinking far larger then mining as a small group, rather entire organizations or very large resource divisions, preforming literal planetary mining. With varying degrees of required technology and feasibility, i envisage techniques such as: Orbital bombardment, rendering portions of a planets surface into rubble/debris, ready to be collected and processed. Orbita
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