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  1. I'm not interested in voice or chat channels, since I know just how stupid that is in the world of Discord. I'm more interested in construct to construct data transmissions, such as battle management systems, traffic management systems, IFF tags and the like. Ofc most of these can just be overlooked if there's a global chat available, but what's the point of having a register plate in a car if you can just tell the police that it's yours. Why would you want to have a register plate in an open universe game is a topic for a whole another discussion and this here was nothing more than an exa
  2. Rangefinding was nowhere near the point of what I was asking for, sorry if I was unclear. I did mention signal strength and location finding, but by far the most important thing is to find the direction of signals so that you can combine the content of signals with their direction for more advanced system logics.
  3. That's a very EVE like approach. My favored approach to EWAR is much closer to IRL situations where jamming equals to shouting over a conversation and the best way to find enemy locations is by checking where radio signals are coming from through triangulation. I agree that the EVE approach may be more reasonable here. However, there's one issue with D-Scan in that it's nothing more than a specialized radar. I mentioned traffic control systems in my message and they are a very important user of RDF. Let's say that a ship comes in range of a station. The station locates the incoming ship wi
  4. Wikipedia site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direction_finding Assuming that there will be some sort of transmission system to send data packets from construct to construct, locating these transmissions is an absolute must to have feature if EWAR is going to be a thing in the game. Not only can it be used to find out which radar signature sent which message (important in traffic management systems) but it can also be used to locate and destroy ships if they use their transmission systems too much. I'm aware that radars are being planned to the game, but I don't know what these radars are
  5. Ohems

    Remote processing

    On the Kickstarter promo video they mention that you can have automated turrets but someone has to sit nearby. Which is totally reasonable on its own but my point is that can I run an automated turret 10km away from me if I have some kind of a connection to a control panel and I'm standing next to it.
  6. Ohems

    Remote processing

    I'd hate to have to specialize for something just to be able to use a single long range device. And then again, if you can upgrade the signalling of your suit then why not build a real freaking antenna.
  7. According to the promotional videos, there will be a limit to the range within which you can run LUA scripts. So that for example if you want to build automated mechanisms, somebody has to stand next to them or they won't work. I'd like to see the possibility to connect two blocks so that if someone is standing next to the other one, their processing power can be used to run the other one regardless (or perhaps regarding, based on item level) the distance. There is a lot of talk about drones, which would very much depend on this. However, I don't know if drones planned by people were short or
  8. I would be all in for the idea of just building a tube from blocks, placing a shell made out of blocks to the bottom (with both explosive and projectile blocks in it) and then igniting the thing. Or some scripted way of creating specific shells and loading mechanisms. But seriously, if you can't build an artillery cruiser that is basically just a ship wrapped around a vast cannon, then I'll be quite disappointed.
  9. Thank you for the confirmation! I have watched quite a bit of footage from the game, but this little detail was lost on me.
  10. Hi! Can a programmed block attached to a ship scan the other blocks attached to it? For example a programmable block could behave in a certain way if some other block is also attached. Or just for calculating the size and shape of the ship so that an automated cannon doesn't fire at the ship itself. Or something, I think you get the idea. Bonus points if the block can also detect nearby but not attached blocks. Such as loose cargo or passengers. Cheers! - Finnboy11
  11. Hi! From what I've seen in the promotional material, ships seem to have a pretty ready made HUD. Can builders add UI components to ships? So that if you add a specific cube manufactured by a specific company, then you will get some random information and possibly some new options to your ship HUD? They did advertise automatic defense systems in their Kickstarter video. Can I build a control panel with which I could select a target for the defense system? Cheers! - Finnboy11
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