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  1. Also would like to mention that players that have established big factories and have bases at tiles with t3 and up would not be taxed accordingly, therefore will be easy for them to get more profit per tile. And all new players we'll be forced to sell t1 and if they get luck may be t2 for next to nothing so they can pay tax.


    There already jobs on the forum that pay 200000 pre charge so in a week I can make 35 calibrations ( roughly regenerate one charge every 5 hours) so it will be 6-7M without me paying taxes on the land.  That's almost the same as  me managing my 7 tiles of t1.


    I, as a solo player can keep up with only 14 MU a week.( That's to calibrate my MU every second day) that means I would need around 4 tiles of t1 let's say I have 5 HQ together and mining only on 4 and on the 5th I don't mine and don't pay tax just for bonus. Ballpark of one MU I guess around 125L/H. So 14x125x24x7=290,000 L per week of t1.


    Let's do 35 charges, that will also give me let's say 3750L per calibration.

    So its 131,250L


    Let's be generous and sell it at 30 per liter.

    So it's 8.8m as per MU

    And its 3.9m  as per harvest and it is constant unless you get faster charges.

    Tax is 4M not paying for the 5th HQ

    Profit is 8.7M 

    But you have to harvest all the ore take it to the market. 

    6-7 M per week to sell your charges sounds great. Just do your thing and VR for couple of millions every 2 days. 


    Even if you get 7 tiles and 28 units you cannot run them same efficiency as 14-16 MU.

    With 28 MU will be in about 100 l/h 

    28x100x24x7=470,400 x 30 perper liter = 14,112,000 

    plus 3.9m  as per harvest and it is constant unless you get faster charges.

    Tax is 7M

    Profit 11M  for double time

    That's 2.3M for double of work, double of equipment and almost double of tiles to get and pay for.


    All of that hopefully will make t1 more rare and it will bump up in price. For now it doesn't work time to mine t1.  It worth to sell charges and live on Sanctuary moon or any other HQ if you can afford it.


    Btw my Sanctuary tile is almost 500. Let's say my 4 units will be getting 400 per hour, thats about 67,200 L per week sell for 30 will be 2M

    And 14 charges to do it will be 52,500 L sell for 30 and 1.575M 

    Sell the rest 21 charge at 200,00p ant its 4.2M

    And total 7.775M also the fuel cost to go sell it.




    In my opinion the tax should be based on goods produced and income made rather than per property.  I never heard of one who  makes let's say 1,000 a month to be taxted a same amount as a person or a business that make 1,000,000 a month this is an absurd! Unless I guess we are in DU.



    If I build a ship and pay that for all that I bought at the market when I loose it where is my tax rebate? By the way we already paying taxes at the market! 


    So for now I guess I got my self a part-time job so I can continue to build and explore the vast space of DU. Soon if feel like I would have to hitchhike around coz I would not be able to afford a space capeble ship and fuel it to go see around. Hey that's why they have a VR folks. 


    Sometimes I get feeling that me play in DU is like my video card mining crypto except in DU I pay to them to use me as a labour to mine hash for them!


    #WorkHard play even Harder in DU


  2. I was really surprised to see this update and I was really disappointed!  I spent days on scans and finding ok-ish tiles with more or less ore max 1.8KT and I am not a hardcore player.  Casually comming into the game knowing that I have set myself with a little piece of pie  for later.  I was mining and enjoying gameplay. Now NQ disregarded all that and throw away all countless efforts of me and everyone who was all about finding nodes and mining them.That action is not for beta games, I would say it's acceptable maybe in alpha stage of a game.

    What's next buying tiles on asteroids? Fuel tax?  Maybe meteorites falling down on our tiles destroying MU for mining too much?


    Never the less, on the other hand I was truly excited to see this update. I was thinking that now I don't even have to look for ore, just set up MU and enjoy free income do whatever, maybe even dare to go to PvP and see outside safe zone. At the moment I have casually played DU for a year and I have not been to every planet outside of safe zone yet. All the time I am in the safezone. I could not afford to go that far and loose a descent ship. And mostly upgrading and rebuilding experimental space vehicles for myself.


    Calibrating MU that is super boring and very annoying to go and harvest ore after, believe me I have done alot of harvesting before I figured out how to find it in the ground ). The profit margins no where near as they used to. 


    Since the update the only things I have been doing is trying to figure y the way to make money to pay for 7 tiles.  I thought it will be super profitable. But it is't more profitable, it is more hussle than ever befor. I have to keep up on my MU almost every day and keep an eye on my territory upkeep. And it feels like a second job. Now prices of ore fall down almost as a year ago. This update would work if t1 price would be firm at around 80's and now it's going rapidly towards low 20's. 


    I am not playing DU because I need second job and whole alot of stress. I have plenty of it in real life. I play DU because I love space the freedom to go where I want to go, build what I want to build. Now I feel obligated to play this game every day so I could at least keep what I have gotten. Probably will wrap it up and move to Sanctuary Moon yeah so much fun!


    So sad I prepaid yearly subscription.....

    And for the whole year before I was paying every month, even though I wasn't playing every month. I have done it because I liked the game and wanted to support it. I really hope you guys at NQ will give your heads a shake.

    At least provided some weekly missions so I can pay for my bloody tiles if I don't play DU ever day.


    Also may be instead of giving 150k a day, make one tile on any planet duty free........






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