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  1. Short reply: Sounds tedious


    A more nuanced reply: I get it that you want to:

    • Introduce and limit a new resource, let’s call them factory charges (a paid version of calibration charges)
    • Increase the number of alt’s and/or increase player recruitment/interactions for said charges

    Now this is in itself not a bad thing, but the whole active buying, waiting and slotting them into machines seems way to tedious, adds useless time-sinks and is just not enjoyable.


    Why not grant an player something like factory slots, comparable to core construct slots and allow these slots to be transferred/lent to an org who can run factories up to the number of these pooled slots. That way the work is done as before and you have your limiting factor that will force people to play together. Want a mega-factory? Get a group together and chip in.


    Whether that is a good thing remains to be seen.


    P.S. I do really like the per player limited resources (talents, construct slots, calibrations and now copied schematics) that gives worth to any player and levels the playing field.

  2. Here is my take on the points brought forward by NQ, it took a while to read through all the other posts and form my own reply. I have not been an avid responder on the forum but please consider the following:


    On the premise that

    • NQ fixes known bugs and exploits.
    • NQ actively prevents, punishes and reverts exploits in the future.
    • NQ creates a somewhat stable and equal economy (we were getting there).
    • We paid to PLAY the game. Our gains like quanta, ore and inventory should not be a given right.
    • Persistence of our intellectual creations (blueprints) is preferable.
    • Our real live investment (time, money) should be considered.
    • There should be no more wipes from here on out. Make sure the game is interesting enough for veteran and new players alike.


    Factors under consideration

    • Removing unpopular things: I see no need to do this. Please keep schematics, they work fine. Fix things that need fixing
    • Resetting the game economy: I can really see the benefit of this. Let us become industry moguls on a level playing field. The wealth created during beta is void.
    • Experienced veterans: Please don’t take away our nice experiences, encounters and joy we had playing.
    • Right start for new players: Sure, Let them do the FTUE and grind like we did. We can help them.
    • Persistent blueprints: Sounds like a very good idea, please make them progressive: You can deploy them with just a core and then “fill” them with voxels and elements.
    • Planet revamp: Please go right ahead and create something truly nice for us. Be generous in helping those who will be inconvenienced.



    • No wipe: An option, but it would create an immense balance problem. Unfortunately I say no.
    • Partial wipe: Keep only voxels, remove elements. Do planet revamp and allow a one time magical blueprint for affected players. Help them relocate. Feels like a little of nothing on all ends.
    • Legacy server: Double the cost, half the players. No.
    • Full wipe: Starts to feel like the best option but you need to compensate players for the time and money they invested already. Keep blueprints for everyone, remove quanta and talents but give them something back for every month they played or paid, from those "rewards" we could buy back talents and/or quanta, at players choice. No idea how much this should be but somewhere between sufficient and all.


    Some possible perks for veterans would alleviate the pain for me:

    • We can claim a starting location before release (Aphelia claims a ring of tiles around a market so no one has that benefit)
    • We get to keep one basic XS ship, think double pocket speeder allowance with space capabilities to start off with
    • We get the old element textures (yellow containers, etc.) as skins to show our mark of veterancy
    • We get some pocket quanta and talents to spend.

    That's it, thanks.

  3. Okay, first off let me confess the following; I like the Demeter update, the .23 update is making sense now, even taxes are a good idea and MU's are a godsent for people like me, who like building more than getting lost in dark caves. That said, let me get to the point; The mining minigame and it's entire game-loop is a mess.


    instead of taking the mining part out of your hands, it just ties you up moving all over (no VR) to make you carefully calibrate MU's (tedious job and calls for spreadsheets of min-maxing. To solve this problem, I can think of a lot of solutions that would probably piss of other people or be downright impossible but IF we want to keep this system working, there is only one medium where these kind of click-bait, repetitive and dopamine fueled games have a place, on your mobile.


    Let me update the calibrations from an app while taking a break at work, or in the train, or in bed or wherever. Let me play the real game when in the real game but just hook up a small website or app with a simple API to the game that takes care of the few steps needed to update the calibrations. I can time them better, feel less... well I think it speaks for itself. Thanks.

  4. Try finding PDF files (goodle "Dual Universe" filtetype:pdf) from Dual Universe or NQ, they are always created by DTPers with vector graphics and a house style book in hand so they usually contain the exact house style colours and components. You can exctract them with a decent PDF reader/editor or something like illustrator. I also thought there was this HTML template you could use to change stuff in the launcher or for some LUA elements but I am not sure about tha. Finally you could also look up the source file of their CSS on thier websites, they also list colours but I am not sure if you can find the colours for say engine elements (probably not). Drop them here if you do find something.


    Oh and look through their source files in the game folder, they may have resources there you could use.

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