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  1. I AM - LOOKING FOR AN ORGANIZATION Name: Sweeperkaas Region/Timezone: GMT+2 Language: English What type of Organization are you looking for? Trade Coalition, mining production, don't mind PvP but want to first focus on production mining Desired role(s) you wish to play in-game: Miner, Trader, Production, PvP a bit at a later stage (Once I'm comfortable with the game) Roleplay interest? Well really has few factors to that. Again most likely only after I'm used the game Other: I'm currently fishing for a group before I intend to officially get into the game. Well trying my luck here with hopefully finding a chill group. Would be nice to have peeps to play with after working day, it's good to let of some steam for me Preferred contact method: Discord Sweeperkaas#1501 can find me on DU discord
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