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  1. I agree, I do not want to pay monthly, and limiting what free people get is silly, it should either be free or not. I personally don't care if it's £40/$50 as If its a one time payment, then I'm fine with it, I also hope not to see paid packages or any influence on Pay To Win. Lets face it, very few games go with a monthly pay system and there is a very good reason. No one wants to pay monthly for a game.
  2. Since I and the community have very little knowledge of the game, I'm gonna post my Ideas; Sorry if any are all ready implemented, but hey, if they are "Great minds think alike" Idea 1: Territory System. I understand there is already one, however I'd like it so, if you claim like 6 planets that are relatively close together, instead of needing to mine for the ores, you should be able to build freely how ever; it will deplete the resources on the planets. I feel if there is a mining system it will take along time to build massive ships etc. Idea 2: Expanding on the Territory System. You should be able to setup a zone around your planet(s), to which if a ship that is not in your clan or a friendly clan, it will play an audio file like "You are in restricted space" etc or even a YouTube clip you upload. Idea 3: Organization/Clan system Again, I understand that their is one already, I have created Starfleet Federation . But You should be able to declare war with certain clans and propose peace etc. Idea 4: Shielding I actually study physics, and feel there should be more than one type of shielding if any. These could include; Shields to protect you from lasers. Shields to protect you from physical weapons like missiles and bullets. Shields to protect you from (Even tho its a bit extreme) Emps or Natural effects from deep space. Idea 4: Specialized Weapons I feel you should also be able to have different types of weapons, to name a few; Rail Guns Laser Guns (For the star wars nubs - ha movie wars Bullets (With different caliber) Long Range Torpedoes Idea 5: Peace Mode, I feel some times, especially in a game like this, I will want to fly my ship with no violence, so maybe you can activate a peace mode where; you cant attack others, and others cant attack you, damage your stuff etc. Idea 6: Basic character customization - I think this is self explanatory, maybe clothing and all that would be a nice touch. I hope this has created a few ideas. Thanks - Andromeda
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