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  1. Does any body know why a total of 3000l must in the input to allow the refinery to run?
  2. I error by jumping ahead to explain how DU may have accidentally created an example of a real future economy problem (unlimited supply) and a suggested solution . Let me back up and review the current problem. The current economy system is base on supply and demand with currency has value holder. You want something and someone sells it to you by exchanging currency. The use of in-game currency is so you do not have to trade 100 billion pure iron bars for a space engine. The orginal game problem of how to get an economy started quickly. First give everyone money and/or a away to make it easily (mining). But you have the problem of waiting for manufacturing to kick in. So bots bought and supplied things, note It seem in beginning manufacturing was too much of good thing due all the pre-beta veteran players. With supply and demand system there are 4 ways to mess it up. 1. supply too much of something, which drives selling price too low. (deflation) 2. Too much demand cause price to go too high (inflation) 3. Supply too little, which seems to be like 2 but slightly different. 4. and too little demand cause price to drop again like 1. but from other side. DU original problem was run away supply, everyone build great factories to produce just what they needed (likely cause by unlimited raw material supply i.e no cost) There was no selling/buying except by the bots (except for a very few) The game broke down into 2 groups (veterans and new players or either you join a co-op or starved) This is were I get lost, thinking this what devs wanted large groups i.e. co-op but they seem to want trading which is at conflict with co-op being able to self produce everything they needed. Shutting down the bots by then would not have helped except to shut out the new players like myself . (mainly because they did not understand the game system) So it seems the devs cause a "great space depression” by shutting down ALL production everywhere with the schematics requirement. Only those with lots of saved in-game money will recover the quickest.
  3. Flymart is one the best of these, but sadly because the great schematics depression his supply of items is drying up.
  4. The problem is how do you jump start an economy. An egg and chicken problem, a need for currency before there is a way to make currency. So mining = currency an there were bots to buy and sell. BUT the problem was we are dealing with 21st century man where bigger is better, amount of product instead of type of product. Granted some did build excellent factories, but again they were limited by the types of sub assemblies . The parts were by (listed) assemblies and not by function. I disagree " mass exodus" people will build to explore and fight. This not a utopian future, this is now , ships are being sent out and return with samples, industrious are running space programs (not just one by several). It is the beginning . Going back to the game to find a solution to a future real problem, the move from a consumer base to an unlimited ore/energy base economy ? So far the best I have is idea of constructs and sell them. Example like current copyright/blueprint. The are too few selling ships because the only way get currency is by mining or joining a co-op. Joining a co-op is fine but way too early after start. Really why fight . This has been done already, maybe the devs should create outside force control by them ( the unknown force from outside the galaxy/system ) to challenge players Any ideas ?
  5. oh no not coffee, well there is tea, food no big deal, vat grown
  6. thanks much for the good idea, but still suggest ship ground effect should be off by default .
  7. First a little discovery NASA finds rare metal asteroid worth more than global economy https://www.mining.com/nasa-finds-rare-metal-asteroid-worth-more-than-global-economy/ A iron and nickel asteroid (with possibility of trace elements) worth at least ($10,000,000,000,000,000,000) at current prices More than ever has been mined or will ever be mined. see article how. In the future there will be unlimited ore and if you have starship technically then there will be unlimited energy. Now back to the DU Future. base on this, There is no economy, as we know it. The only problem will be getting to the asteroid and getting the good stuff back. (Side note , in past resources were moved to a center place to refined and developed because of energy needs. now best do as much work on sit of resources). What will be the economy, suggest it will be in ideas of products. Example, walkman vs iPhone. Walkman was then current radio made very small. The iPhone is not a "cell phone" that others companies make just as well and cheaper. (Apple’s value added) It is a flow of ideas from internet using cell tech. For DU, what to do, suggest build ideas and trade them How to turn ideas into things is the problem in the new economy. Suggest one idea: Develop more components that link into each other to build possibilities. Best example I know is “ Factorio ” it’s not a game but a way of life. Factorio’s only problem it's final goal is limited, DU goal should be much more open ended.
  8. All craft should not jump up after being turned off then starting up, but wait for input to adjust speed and direction. Really bad siting on sea bottom then pilot gets in and craft jump over 200m into the air. The craft sea/water does not slow down- have resistance in water cause crashs on sea floor
  9. Currently, the new changes reward the original alpha player, who has the acquired resources and money to adapt to the industrial elements limits (blueprints). But Punishes the new Beta player who just starting setting up factories and now is set back by schematics cost. Plus the other problem of vast supply should have driven prices very much lower but did not. ON 10 Dec 2020 there are 330 orders to sell 2,000,000 + aluminum honeycomb schematics at 250,000h each and only 1 buy at 20,000h There a is a problem, price should have be at close to 20,000h It would have been better to start very low and let the price go up. Suggestion, what is needed is an economy sink where items are lost from game;’s economy. Note: building something is not a lost, it is an upgrade. (Has more value & without an energy cost a inflated valued) A real life example is things get used up, they wear out. Suggest, two wear factors be added. First is the common "wearing out factor” which causes items to be used up, much like plan scrap fix. Each higher tier should wear out faster. (More complex parts to break) Second, a factor for all of games items so developer can adjust whole game base line without adjusting each item. Energy use Suggestion anything put on the factory floor uses energy that must be generated. (generator /fuel cell) The energy used can be by adding to floor causes a small cost and being but not in use a small maintenance cost. The factory item being used would’ve a much higher cost.
  10. When transferring 2000+ iron into a container S from person inventory, split box appeared asking to move only some into container, I answered yes, All of iron disappeared, as in gone. Try restart no help . Note, after 3 hours of play, things start going wrong, I stop and exit and restart CPU. This usually fixes problem, Have iMac 2013 late with 3.5mhz i7 with 32gb memory Question How do you manually split a stack ??
  11. There I was flying at 2000+ and doing 250+, went to check map, after closing map, now was at 300 height and falling rate of 200+ no response from controls till just before crash. Is this old or new related ? I would prefer to keep same traveling height and speed with map open, it is my responsibility went looking away when flying.
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