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  1. This is a good proposed solution, and I agree on the harsh cold reality newcomers face today. I followed the tutorial + overbuilt a bit, then was a bit frustrated to find out I had to undo it all to 'upgrade'.
  2. Highly agree with the statement in relation to Space Engineers. I could knock out a large GOOD looking hull design in hours within SE in what has taken me about 3 days so far in DU. And I'm still not satisfied with the end result. I realize that apparently some people come from landmark and enjoy this system. But coming from years of Space Engineers, this has been a dreadful building experience for me and my fellow friends playing this.
  3. My friend and I have been playing for a about a week now, and today by accident I discovered that CTRL-Double Left Click within the inventory does a select all function in containers/nanopacks. I couldn't find this in any ingame tooltips, we've actually been annoyed thinking this didn't exist and have been manually selecting via CTRL+Left Click 1 by 1 to drag multiple items around. This is mostly a "Newbie Help" item, to add it to the context menu where I see there is room left for more tool-tips. Please see screen capture for my suggestion to add this tool-tip. -Neoki
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