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  1. Watch the linked video, go to 3h 8min mark. its in the post you quoted, apparently its 3million skill points, not 2mil. Here's the link again for you; Link A reputable streamer, from his own lips, states he and other streamers were gifted 3mil talent points. He goes into the details of which i already summarised. Really, What more proof do you need? or expect?
  2. Gifted skill points to affiliates has been a talking point on some streams & YT videos. If your an affiliate, you have to apply for it, you obviously are unaware of it. You dont need to take my word for it, just look at the skill points of many of the affiliates. Affiliates will have about 3mil current points, while those that have grinded the same time are around 800k. I'm not sure why you see it as an "issue" really. Affiliate Streamer - discussion of skill point gift @3:09 onwards fyi
  3. Affiliate streamers were gifted by Devs 2,000,000.00l points... you were never going to catch up from the get go. edit; 2mil gifted Skill points
  4. I had the same question due to the same bug. A broken tutorial put me also in a space, below the tutorial area. The respawn caused loss of all inventory, including speeder items. On top of all the failings Ive encounter in such a short time, I'm not surprised you can't reset/delete a character.
  5. Same, my experiences so far mirror this. The tutorials are all broken for the past 48hrs, I come here hoping for answers, nothing. I can only guess the devs cbf or are choking. I want a refund too. Edit: So not only can I not do any tutorials. somehow when I exited a broken tutorial, it spawned me UNDER THE CITY where tutorial start. I was left under a roadway in a box in water, with no way out, other than to respawn, & in doing so lost all the vehicle parts, which on checking I cant get a second set of. Played loads of Betas, this , by far, worst experience ever. If you are thinking of purchasing - DONT DO IT
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