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  1. I've been having the same problem and the only way it works for me is using a tunneling service. tried everything, new windows installation, new router bla bla bla... That being said something really strange is going on, when i got the game i was able to play it for hours and logoff safely, the next day i tried to login and there was the timeout problem for no reason, so i tried everything and in the end what helped was noping. The next day i went to play the game in my friends house with his computer and the game worked fine, for a week or so i was login my account in his computer to get all those juice quantas until... timeout, but then again we were able to login using noping. So we decided to get my computer to his house, the game was working fine without noping, so we did the same to his computer and in my house the game was working fine in his computer.
  2. News, i was able to login using exitlag
  3. I´m having the same problem some guy gave a solution i will try today I was able to login with my friends computer, but when i tried with mine the problem was there
  4. I've been having the same problem, tried everything( restarting, vpn, noping,clearing cache).
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