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  1. Hey everyone, if this was ever asked before, then i am sorry. I did not find the post then i was just wondering if there is a way to turn of these "auto-shaping" of voxels while building? For example: if i place a triangle/ramp right beside a cube, the cube gets a bit squished on the side facing the lower half of the triangle/ramp. I find this really annoying sometimes
  2. There is hardy any content on sites like youtube, becaus until a few days ago it was forbidden to post anything... Like adrazz already said, tehre is really a ton of tutorials in the starting area. Also if you already left this area, at every marketplace is a building tutorial too. (these black capsule-like things. on the ground is a pad, aim at it and press f) I admit that the game has a pretty high learning curve... I play for 3 days now and already got a nice setup (multiple M industrial thingys, M core.. all build from scratch). It helps if you have already played other games like DU (for example Space Engineers or even Factorio)
  3. Its quiet smooth for me... the only thing that gets hot is my CPU... somehow it gets on 100% on most of its cores (i7 8700K, 12 Threads on 5GHz (with OC)). I think the game is building the enviremental data on my PC while i walt around... after some times in an area the loead decreses drasticly. And i call bullshit on that :D... even my PC cant do that... only in deep space... allone...
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