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  1. No I haven't . it has been sense the 28th Aug and still no refund . I'm going to bank tomorrow to take care of this.
  2. I'm at day 13 . 9 working days. There response was that it may take awhile. To me that is unacceptable. "Take awhile" leaves to much unknown.
  3. I have tried both edge and firefox
  4. McKie is my last name. I know what my first name is and it is the most common name on the planet
  5. I cant even create a game account . Tells me my first name is invalid . Absolutely no response to the issue , and no reply to a request for refund. I'm not paying for a Beta I cant even play.
  6. Will not let me create Game account. When trying to create game account it says invalid first name. I can assure you I know my first name . tried to have activation key sent. Tried that and says invalid activation Key.
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