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  1. i think instead of element become destroyed just being deleted why not make it into salvage instead. basically when you would have a large atmo break beyond repair and you replace it with a new part or remove it ,it would give you a few salvage piles . you could have a few different types of piles and different tiers of piles. from their you can then place these piles in a recycler and convert them into base resources like iron and carbon. you could have talents that help with speed and how much you get from each pile. mind you would not get back 100% of the mats but something is better tha
  2. just wanted to say hi to you all and maybe find some people to play with. have a clan discord ( not a organization) would like to get some du players over there to chill and chat with, maybe even start a organization with. if your interested come on by . on almost everyday and would love the company
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