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  1. I am a backer of both DU and Star Citizen. To date I have paid MORE real money to be part of DU (Alhpa Backer) than I have to be part of Star Citizen. You can get a base package for SC for about £39.00 I think (about $45) and it does not have Sub model and you do not need to pay any more than that. If you do that is your decision to invest in new ships - that you can earn in game anyway. DU will cost me much more over the course of time than SC will due to the sub model.
  2. Hahahaha - Was just in queue to join game. Number 890. 15 mins later got down to 48 in the queue to then be disconnected from server. LOL. No even going to bother trying again. Sod that.
  3. Lol - Posting this through Discord and not even on the official forums. Is that the way things are done now? I am surprised they are not using smoke signals or cave paintings.
  4. The servers are down atm. Notification went through chat in game about an hour ago - Did you not see it :D:D:D LOL They really need a server status update on the log in screen... oh and to communicate this better.
  5. Why is there no "Server Status" on the log in screen? The only way I knew that there was a server / game update this morning that was going to take a few hours was because I was actually in the game at the time an saw the message on the chat! I do note that under this: Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on September, 4th, there was an update from NQ-Nomad but that was 17 hours ago??!?!? - Why is this not updated?? I do not follow social media, and nor should I have to when the official forum should surely be updated ASAP?
  6. I gotta say that the stance you are taking here is admirable to say the least! Firstly, the current official state of the game as per NQ is BETA - which I would hope that most of the player base will agree is not the actual "current state" gameplay OR server wise. Like many before me have already said - Beta is to fine tune the game (systems, gameplay loops, markets, UI etc.) that are already in the place and this is done through increased player feedback due to more people jumping into your game when it should be close release. The Beta "Testers" need to be able to put all the current game systems through its paces - something which most definitely cannot be done right now as some are bugged, poorly explained or flat out not working at all - Hello Tutorials NQ may very well be the "first to create a server that can hold the amount of people it holds with the scale of the game" - but can you honestly say that this is what has been achieved? Part of NQs own words are "One Universe with a million people on one server" - Currently the game and the server are having a stroke with the amount of players as it is now - and I can bet my house on the fact that it will be nowhere near 1 Million at any single time. I would be surprised if it was even 5% of that figure tbh (50k). If anything, NQ should have been over prepared for this and then scale back the server at some point down the line. Unacceptable to be in Beta with some paying for a subscription when you cannot play due to disconnects etc. Remember these issues ARE NOT GAMEPLAY RELATED, they are the FOUNDATIONS upon which the game is built on top of!! - If this does not work, everything built on top falls down. Simples. I have been a backer for DU for the past 6 months (I know, not long enough to have an opinion) and I very much gave NQ the benefit of the doubt with bugs, servers issues and poor systems as it was in Alpha and to be expected. However, as soon as it went too Beta is when I started to take notice. I find it totally unacceptable that they now charge a subscription fee for this in its current state. Thankfully as a backer I do not have to pay the sub, but that does not mean I find this practice acceptable or agree with it in any way. I would be pissed if I was on a 3 month sub for this at the moment. I do not believe the OP was saying that the game had failed - Only that this is how you get a failed game. Big difference.
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