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  1. Mr. Baillie has said that NQ is targeting medium+ computers with relatively new gfx drivers to support DU. Full specs are going to be released after alpha testing.
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    @vylqun The very first releases of the game probably won't see too large of a population so it wouldn't need multiple planetary systems. Most likely several to a dozen planets of different terrains to showcase the general idea.
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    Or consider artificial climate-controlled biospheres.
  4. I am rather of the opinion that everyone is too intimidated by the complexity of your crafting system to answer, but it sounds like players will need to have an understanding of resources and environmental impacts on them when crafting. I think crafters would get better with practice as they understand more of what's required and whatnot under this system, which isn't something that has been too prevalent in other MMORPG's. I would think that a very thorough guide would be needed to introduce the crafting system to new players.
  5. So I was contemplating player housing in other MMOs. Most other games that include housing have them instanced in other private worlds. The only exception I can think of is the recently released ArcheAge. Honestly, that open-world land plot system was a nightmare, having only resulted in a massive land grab. There's virtually no more land to be owned. But if DU were to maintain its single-shard concept with an open plot based housing/land ownership system, it is very likely that the same scenario could happen. Possible solutions: Build vertically: takes up less surface area Multiple person buildings: hotels, apartments, condominiums, etc. Space plots: A small island in space, apart from the main planets. Or asteroid settlement. Mortgage loans or rent Fluctuating real estate economy: More densely populated areas have higher land costs. There should also be a limit on the area that can be converted to housing as we don't want entire planets full of little space huts. Any other thoughts, suggestions?
  6. How realistic will living and moving things in the game, particularly humans, appear? The other day I happened upon Square Enix's new animation of Hatsune Miku, and the realistic-ness of it was absolutely incredible. I would have thought it to be an actual human had I not known better. Here's the animation: http://otakumode.com/news/545c796972b4c28015ab4eac/Hatsune-Miku-is-Practically-REAL-with-Square-Enix%E2%80%99s-Graphics-Technology!?lang=en
  7. Wasn't basically every sizeable ship in Star Wars a carrier of some sort? Considering the vast options of player customization and creativity, multipurpose ships such as a cross between battleship and carrier could make for some interesting gameplay.
  8. Wow. Gorgeous builds you have there. Nicely done and nice to meet you!
  9. I'm not entirely sure that I understood you fully jbonez, but I imagine there would also be a global chat, or planetary chat, as well, but that would be incredibly inconvenient and chaotic for communicating just between your team, squad, group. The radial comm menu would be a solution to that.
  10. There will likely be many styles of gameplay, strategic being one of them, to avoid having the classic "power in numbers" being the sole decider in combat/normal gameplay. Communications will be a central part of succeeding, especially in combat and in large organizations, because it will be more difficult to coordinate all of the efforts of a larger group or when the adrelanine is pumping during combat.
  11. Oh yes different themed ships would be absolutely gorgeous. Imagine an oriental themed ship like Saffi suggested with the red and black and gold trim. Beautiful. Or an Old World style combined with holograms. Similar to steampunk which is very nice. Aesthetics are my favorite.
  12. Yes, something more permanent like a space station could be kept persistent even when the player is offline. Someone else (forgot, sorry!) did mention the persistent nature of player ships in another post, but it all depends on what the dev team wants to do with the balance between the reality and performance of the game.
  13. Wow that is incredibly well thought out Saffi. I like the idea of the massive sentient universal being to remind us that we the players are just pawns in the universe's big game of chess. So the RNs are the stronger pieces that can counteract the actions of the universe's pieces.
  14. What if there was an afterlife of sorts when you died, like the Nexus in Demon Souls? You could choose to wait until the nearest RN was charged after x amount of time, speed up the wait time by completing a mission/objective, or instantly resurrect back at the arkship node.
  15. Also, would there be a difference in the abilities of the different body models? For example, would a tall person be able to run faster, or a small body be able to crawl into a smaller space that a larger person couldn't?
  16. Saffi: "On the notion of economy, skills, and story. And even possibly relating to Astrov / Comrade Honor/Karma/Good - Bad thing; I wonder if drugs will be craftable, maybe like Moondust and Liquid Light, stuff with a futuristic science fiction-esque name. (I could also be typing out of my mind, super tired, goodnight cruel sleep deprived world)" I don't think drugs would be necessarily a desirable product in DU, or any video game at all, because one cannot get physically high from taking virtual drugs, and that is essentially the only reason anyone would ever take drugs. But the idea does open up the possibility of in-game illegal substances, that may be called "drugs", that could boost gameplay, essentially putting a cheat in a bottle or pillbox, which could then affect the Honor Reputation of a player.
  17. So it would be, in effect, a quick chat of sorts. Quintet has this sort of thing in its chat box, a "Quick Chat" button next to the text input field with preset commands for every role. I find it really useful and I imagine it would be in DU as well.
  18. Wow. Well...isn't that something . I'm sure by the time the game is well underway a whole multitude of droids and robots will have been born. Maybe even astromechs and assassin droids. Which might be interesting...PvD. Hmm. But yes if droids could talk and make remarks that would add a bit of humor to the game.
  19. How would organizations be differentiated if only a basic general organizational structure were provided? What's to stop, say, a national military, from declaring war on perhaps an electronics or interior design company? It's a rather ridiculous situation in that case. There probably should be some kind of mutual intergalactic laws established, a kind of on-your-honor thing created by the players and not officially implemented, so that although this situation most likely should not and would not occur, if some player/organization did decide to do such a thing, it would still be possible, because honestly, it does sound quite entertaining. This kind of thing did also happen in Star Wars between the TF and Naboo.
  20. This also probably belongs in the Gameplay Mechanics section.
  21. Agreed. The difficulties of organizing and implementing a marriage mechanic just isn't worth the little bit of extra social interaction that people could potentially receive, and again it wouldn't agree with the whole feel of the game. This kind of stuff is probably best left to purely social games (ex. IMVU)
  22. Is the mechanic of marriage planned for DU, such as it is for Skyrim and some other MMOs? I feel like that would not be in accordance with the general mood and theme of the game, but it would add to the realism of the game.
  23. Hello dear children, Ignoring that supremely disturbing greeting, I'd like to introduce myself, Astrophil. I was never really a hardcore gamer, and although I have tried out quite a wide variety of games, none ever really drew me in. Then I stumbled upon this fascinating concept of a game, namely, the lovely Dual Universe, that seemed to have everything that I thought was ever missing from any other MMO. So here I am to introduce myself (hello!) and I look forward to playing with everyone On a side note, Star Wars is a major part of my life (perhaps Doctor Who too, but that's beside the point) and so I have been inspired to start my very own Trade Federation in Dual Universe. Perhaps this one won't be quite as corrupted, but who knows... Anyhow, enjoy your day, and hope to get to know some of you.
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    Hacking the system of a ship or building could be another component in combat. Say during space combat that you hijack the opponent ship's shield system, rendering them completely vulnerable, but that the same could also happen to you. It could either become a powerful asset or pitfall and add to the realistic aspects of the game, as cybersecurity and cybercrime are a very real problem in our world today. The question would be the format in which the hacking would take place. Would it be in an actual programming language (possibly LUA?), or in a fictional, simplified code, or perhaps it would be unique to that particular system.
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