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  1. Whatever. You are dragging this topic through the mud. Bottom line, as everyone has been trying to explain is this: if you don't like PvP, stay of out that zone. There is plenty of space and things to do in PvE. If you don't like that, play something else.
  2. You seem to not understand the nature of the internet and on-line gaming. I't's not supposed to be like "real life". If you don't like PvP, stop going to the PvP zone. Don't try to get the game changed simply because you don't like it.
  3. Agreed. There is plenty to do and gather without going into the PvP zone, IMO.
  4. Cool, thanks for the info! I still can't fly in space, so I'm stuck planet mining for now. ?
  5. k gotcha. I think I'll set up some territory on Alioth. Don't even know how to fly in space anyway! lol
  6. Wow, I had no idea it was that serious. But it sounds like it isn't impossible to build and have fun without the asteroids in PvP zone? I'm in a very small Org. and the leader builds tonnes of stuff and has a LOT of $$. Al without asteroids as far as I know, and sticking to the safe zone....
  7. I'm seeing a lot of grief about asteroids in the PvP zone. Are there any in the safe zone? Maybe even male them a bit lesser value, so you can mine without attack, but need to arm yourself to get the more valuable asteroids in the PvP zone. Thanks!
  8. I saw some pretty big rocks and some small ones when I was gathering resources on a planet. I harvested them all, but always got 20 L of ore. Wouldn't it better and more fun if the size of rocks was related to the amount of ore collected? Thanks for reading!
  9. I agree. That's why there is a safe zone. If someone is that upset about PvP, don't go to that zone.
  10. I do see what you are saying and I respect your thoughts and ideas. But I tend to also agree with some of the others here in that, if you want to PvP, then arm your ship. If not, stick to the safe zone.
  11. What does this statement have to do with a fantasy game and PvP? You seem to be taking all this a bit too seriously. Chill out.
  12. I suggest making some slightly lesser value asteroids available in the safe zone, and the more exotic ones in the PvP area. That way, non-PvPers can still make money and gather resources, while those who want the exotics can arm themselves and see what they can do. A self destruct device would unbalance the game IMO. I'd love to mine some asteroids, but I'm not interested in PvP. Thanks for reading!
  13. Thanks! It also said to make a copy of the BP and put rights on it. How do I do this?
  14. Okay, fixed. The linked container was primary. I changed it back to nanopack and it worked. But it did say something about it is "not copy protected". Something about the DRM. What does this mean and how do I fix it? Should I not deploy it?
  15. I'm pretty sure. They are in my nanopack. I then put the BP into one of my linked containers and some of the stuff turned white. Very strange!
  16. I have a BP for a ship and it appears I own all the required parts, but when I click on the BP, all the parts are red, like I don't have any of them, Can anyone please help?
  17. With all three tanks full, it says I have 3 days of flight time. lol
  18. Okay, fixed. The ship has 3 independent fuel tanks and all three need fuel or it won't fly. LOL
  19. I just bought a full size atmospheric ship from a UEF store on Sanctuary moon. How do I take it with me if I go to Alioth? Can I compact it like I did with my hovercraft starter ship? How much space do I need to compact it? Thanks!!
  20. Hmm....I will try! I don't recall if I retracted them or not. Thanks!! ?
  21. I just bought an atmospheric ship. I flew it home just fine, but after landing, I can't seem to get it to fly again. I put the throttle to 100% and pressed "S" to climb, but it won't go past 30km/h and won't gain altitude. I'm on really rough terrain. Do I need to build a landing pad? The ship seems "stuck". Help please!
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