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  1. I guess if people know the limitations of what they are buying, and the risk of what they are selling, they will know the potential consequences, and not get upset. It could work.
  2. The scripting is cool, and the idea that you could sell a script you write is also cool. The problem, what if I write a script, put it on market to sell. Then you buy that script, copy and paste it as your script, and sell it yourself for a little cheaper after not having done the work to create the original script. Intelectually property rights. Because Intellectual property is unlike material production and can be copied and pasted, in real life systems society has came up with an entire system (in theory) to attempt to protect from that. And to then allow
  3. to further clarify, there are two types of changes, removal leaving void space, and adding an item. Void space is checked first, but if an item is added into the void space the void space is ignored. Three cases 1. Person removes sand - this case there is a void space. if it is next to unchanged original item it will fill back in, if a change occurs to this voxel later in the change file, it is considered type 3. 2. Person adds wall on top of unchanged terrain - this case the item deteriorates if not maintained, and will disappear, and occurs for all placed i
  4. This is actually really important, so you may already have a plan for it, but if not, it is an important thing to consider. after the game has been running for years the terrain will be chewed up with tunnels and ditches, and buildings abandoned no longer used will scatter the landscape. It happens in every game like this that is a persistent world, and it is easy to handled, but rarely is handled other then with server resets, that always get someone upset. Also since worlds are algo generated, the size of the change file on top of the generated terrain will cont
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