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  1. This is a suggestion I proposed already some new shapes for the Voxel Tool. I now want to add more shape suggestions again. STRAIGHT CONE shape looking from the side like a triangle CURVED CONE shape Here, the two sides (not the bottom) of the "triangle" when seen from the side appear to be rounded
  2. This is a suggestion I proposed already some new shapes for the Voxel Tool. I now want to add more shape suggestions again. HALF SPHERE shape to allow larger spheres by reducing voxel consumption (limits of astronaut's inventory capacity) QUARTER SPHERE shape sane as above
  3. This is a suggestion I proposed already some new shapes for the Voxel Tool. I now want to add more shape suggestions again. DONUT (TORUS) shape: one key to increae/decrese diameter of inner free area, another key to increase/decrease diameter of outer ring segment
  4. Suggestion I could not find any feature to scale down (or up) selected voxels. Sometimes I want to scale proportionally (all 3 axes), sometimes I would need to scale down only along one of the three axes. Please add. Thanks.
  5. Suggestion I tried, unsuccessfully, to create a very big hollow sphere (as my base building) . I am failing because my own inventory cannot hold all honeycomb material needed. I suggest to create an option for spheres (and maybe other shapes): to create them HOLLOW, where wall thickness can be selected. This would ease up the task to create hollow spheres, and it would even save material!
  6. This is a suggestion Please add a new item, the "Mailbox". bases, flyers and spaceships can have such a mailbox attached to their hull. A mailbox allows other players, allied or not, to drop messages into it. In my particular case (that is how I got this idea), there is a neighboring player close to my own claimed land, and I purchased things from him in the past. I need to purchase again from him, but cannot contact him as he is in a different time zone. With the ability to drop a message for him in his base mailbox or parked flyers, I could let him know that I need to purchase more things from him. To avoid spam or hate mails, a mailbox message could just consist of different tickable boxes where each box indicates what it is about, and an option to message back the sender. Coordinates need to be a part of the message, though, so have a text field that just accepts numbers (0-9) and signs, (- . +). Also, when being on the base or ship of another player, that base or ship should indicate if the owner is ingame or offgame (mouse-over info?).
  7. Suggestion Once an item has been mounted, like a wing, it would be nice to still be able to change angle(s) of that mounted item (re-aligning) without moving it (as seen with tool 9). This opens up possibilities that do not exist with pre-mounting angle change.
  8. Suggestion Allow of resizing (scaling) to some extend (within a range) of items along all three axes, or of only along one axis. Especially DOWN-sizing is needed while the item still keeps its original properties unchanged.
  9. This is a suggestion Players love customization of their constructs. Please make items customizable, with paintable colors, textures, effects (metallic, glossy, flat, etc.).
  10. Suggestion We long for the announced implementation of more mining. We could envision a mining device that is mounted below a vehicle (maybe looking like a satellite dish) that emits rays into the soil which rapidly heat up ore and get it as gas and then rematerialized, cooled down ore into the device or attached container. Different devices for different depth of ground penetration.
  11. Suggestion We are also in need of honeycomb materials that are translucent, and that are transparent (Glass). Those should be available with various tinting at various degrees, too (brown glass, green glass, olive-drab glass, yellow, orange, black, etc.). Needed to create own cockpits in the shape of cupolas (domes), or for domes of bases, and much,. much more. Optionally, maybe the translucent version also blurs of what passes through visually.
  12. Suggestion We are in need of honeycomb materials that are HIGHLY reflective like a mirror. Different shades of colors and also light to dark, but all like mirrors.
  13. This is a suggestion. The button "F" opens the inventory of structures, but to close them, you still have to use a mouse-click. I suggest to add comfort to the game by enabling, that pressing "F" AGAIN while the inventory of a structure is open would close that inventory view. This would simplify and speed up usage of views.
  14. Suggestion Because the loading of the (amazing) game takes a long time, I suggest the following: have buttons on the loading screen that can bring up TEXT NEWS (for all incl. newbies) or TEXT TUTORIALS (for newbies like me, showing activity areas and their key bindings). It would help me a lot if I could read me into the game controls while waiting 30 minutes for the game to load. Or later on, when a bit experienced, then it would be nice to read and/or respond to news. All text, to reduce constrains while the game loads. Yes, the long game loading time should be made usable in some ways.
  15. Hi, it is possible to use an image with signs, screens, and so on. I created a small image for a Sign XS, and want to upload it. Someone told me thta there is a page within the DU website where I can upload an image and receive an image key in return that then can be used with the Sign XS. What is the URL for that image upload page within the DU website? Thanks.
  16. My own design, showing my tiny space carrier. What I need for upcoming Dual Universe Spaceships, is the ability to stretch or press spheres and also parts of them along one axis at a time, to mirror parts or several parts, to hollow out shapes or combinations of shapes, to define internal rooms as cockpit, to have doors, ramps, gates, pistons.
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