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  1. Thats exactly what happened in EVE to me and it cured me from bug-using or abusing any non intended game mechanics. After buying 1 billion from a china-farmer i was able to boost my economy. Half year later the balance of that account was put 1 billion into minus. So 800 million minus for me. I had the choice to give up that account (with a lot of skillpoints) or to pay back the money. i decided to work with my other 6 or 7 accounts to pay back the money. It took some weeks and i did a lot of things i wouldnt have done because of lacking fun if i had played regularly. The earlier they had found out my fraud the less impact it would have had on the economy. I admit that it was like a free credit for a period of time to be able to invest and to get me richer with my investments. But anyway it was a pain time and I never thought again about doing shit like that. In a game anything should be logged, so the developer should be able to find out and correct it somehow. If a wipe cannot be prevented, it should be the answer.
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