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  1. @citoyen Hi, thanks for the support! Maybe your post had an effect because finally, today, the problem has been solved! Today I had the 60€ credited to me in the Xsolla payment page! Anyway, I'm guessing they are going to close this thread soon so I just want to leave here a warning to anyone thinking of backing DU or buying it when it is released. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WITH THE PAYMENT METHOD YOU CHOOSE WHEN PAYING THE GAME!!! Look around and ask other people who have bought it (preferably in your country) what are the best payment methods. JUST BECAUSE DU
  2. Hey @Lethys, I wish I could retract the payment...but that ship has sailed. The payment went through immediately. It just didn't reach NQ! It's funny that you say "when I pay some company (Xsolla)", because in reality I am not paying Xsolla, I am paying NQ! NQ pays Xsolla for their service! My 60€ is supposed to end up in NQ's bank account. At this point, it's anyone's guess where the money really is! I certainly have no idea. From the last things Xsolla has said I want to believe the money is with them... Of course the idea of getting my lawyer involved has crossed my mind, but
  3. I honestly don't know what to do anymore... It's like I'm stuck in a time loop and every day the process goes back to the beginning... I'm stuck in the dual Universe version of Groundhog day! If anyone has an actual, serious, legitimate, feasible option that I can use, please let me know.
  4. update: 4 hours ago I received this email from Xsolla: Stacy (Xsolla Inc.) Dec 2, 7:24 PM +05 Due to technical issues we are not able to process this payment to the game. We have credited this payment to your Xsolla balance. This balance will appear on the top right of the payment page. Here is an example of the balance https://www.evernote.com/shard/s455/sh/32038603-4235-4bba-8451-b837df99166f/7e409d2d85368a45. You can now make a payment again using this balance. In order to activate the balance, please proceed to the payment page, choose a payment option and you'll see a
  5. I just received another email from Xsolla asking me to send them the credit card info! to which i replied, again, that I did not use a card to pay! So, after 11 days, Xsolla's attempt to solve this is to ask me the same thing as almost a week ago... exactly the same automated email... The funny thing is, that email is a direct reply to my email on the 29th where I explain the whole thing and send attached the transaction details....
  6. On the 29th (Friday) I sent an email to Xsolla, PPRO and NQ support with the payment transaction information attached. I had already sent it to PPRO some days before. Do you want me to send it again!? "no, Novaquark is not responsible for the issue" You misunderstood me. Of course NQ is not responsible for "the issue". NQ is not responsible for losing the money, it never got to you. What NQ is responsible for is it's relationship with it's customers. What you don't seem to realize is that the day after I bought the contributor pack (22nd) I contacted your support
  7. 11 says have passed since I bought the contributor pack... No one has told me yet where my 60€ are. How much longer will I have to wait for an answer? 11 days, no answers.
  8. @NQ-Nyzaltar I can assure you my bank has nothing to do with this. The reason my bank (or any bank for that matter) has nothing to do with it is that when I go to pay NQ, Xsolla gives me several payment options. The option I chose (because it was the most convenient) was Multibanco. Multibanco is a Portuguese network of ATM machines. When you make any payment through Multibanco, it generates a reference number and gives you an entity number. So for example you pay 60€, to entity number xxxxxx, using reference number yyyyyy. The entity number is not random or chosen by my bank or Xsolla.
  9. Hi I'm Lepus, recently i found out about Dual Universe and was really excited to try it out! I decided to by the contributor pack but was sort of on the fence about paying 60€ for a game in alpha... Eventually I decided to go for it, mainly because DU is exactly what Î was looking for in a game, and since no other game (even in development) is offering the same set of features, I was not going to wait 2 years without anything interesting to play! So I make my DU account and and buy the 60€ contributor pack. this was 8 days ago. Problem is, my money disappeared. A full day passes and
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