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  1. On 9/7/2017 at 6:36 PM, Damian_Firecaster said:

    Hello Alpha team

    I am Damian Firecaster legat of the Core worlds Coalition. I am a former Everquest LANDMARK builder,  Current Space engineer and second life resident. I wanted to see How many Alpha team members are also former LANDMARK voxel mancers (Master voxel builders). You guys are going to show JC/novaquark just what a voxel engine is capable of doing. Also we need to test this engine to see if we can do micro voxels and negative voxels. so sound off. gentlemen and Ladies. we know what our job is, we have been down this road before ( Everquest Landmark) stress test, find every bug in this game and get it fixed, as with landmark we will find Some bugs that we like and that can be turned in to features such as the a fore mentioned micro voxels and negative voxels. we might find others. but our job is to get this planet / game ready for the other colonist that are asleep on the Arkship. My job will be to explore this planet and find resources. I look forward to meeting you guys again, some of you I know from landmark. It will be great to get back to building in voxels like we did in landmark. but this time our creations will FLY !!!! If you see me in game please say hello, I enjoy meeting people. to all other Members of the Alpha team, if you need assistence with building tools or building I will help some. the Ships I will be building are the S.S. Ram (Luxury yacht/Mobile Home (unarmed)), CWC Wolverine (Science-Command ship (ARMED)), CWC Amazon (Runabout(armed)).


    Good luck to all of you.

    Damian Firecaster

    Core Worlds Coalition


    Hello all! Thelandira (or Thela for short) and former Landmarkian here. I started LM about 2 weeks after Alpha ended and was in the 'Artists Guild' and then 'Voxel Benders' guild (after mega wipe). Totally miss that game. I just purchased DU and am looking forward to diving in and getting my hands dirty.

    Here's a pic of one of my favorite builds I did in LM - MapView.jpg


    You can see more pics of some of my creations at - http://thelashangout.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_15.html


    Hope to see you all in DU!

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