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    there was a topic on that somewhere; but I agree, this would be a nice addition
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    The idea is to have rail system in the game. As wheels are hard to implement because of movement and collision physics, can we have ability to create straight rails. This will open a lot of great new options. 
    1) If you can build rails inside your base or big ship - this makes possible to create moving platforms that would work like elevators. For example you have a large carrier ship filled with many smaller ships. You can make main hangar for landing and once you need one of your ships, it's delivered by such elevator to your landing zone by elevator. 
    2) You can create hiding turrets, so building a large ship at first glance it would look like a transport one, but when you encounter some enemy - you can show your weapons. 
    3) Train system inside a large city or ship, that may work like public transport when it's not enough space for everyone to fly on their ships. 
    4) Underground mining platforms. Principle would be the same as for vehicles that build tunnels for underground (metro) in real world - you have some custom build vehicle that moves only on rails, each time you dig enough, you need to build more rails to proceed. This allows to create accurate tunnels or caves. 
    I think people will create many other cases where such things can be used. 
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