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  1. Thank you guys very much, that reassures me 100 percent. I am very glad they are making it so game play is not easily done by bots, when I get extra I will def be buying this.
  2. Hes got that backwards, there are more bots in non cash shop games because there is no legit way to advance, so it creates a bigger black market. Every game I have played, with a sub, Everquest, Everquest 2, Wow, Ulitma Online, Asherons call, Star wars galaxies, especially SWG, all had huge black markets in the millions. People dont have time to grind, and have jobs so they look for a way to compete with people who have 12 hours a day, and if they cant find it in the cash shop they always go to the bot farmers. Eve online tried to stop it with selling plex, but all that did was make it so b
  3. I just found this on mmos.com, suprised I missed it. I see it has what I am looking for, the only real question I have is with these kinds of games, and a player ran economy is how do they plan on keeping the cheaters at bay? Eve online, Elite and Dangerous, BDO, or Arche age all are plauged with cheaters and bots. Is there any plans on how to deal with these guys? I saw also its going to be a monthly sub game, which means prolly no cash shop, which always leads to people trying to sell things on the internet.I mean archeage unchained just came out and it already has sites selling in game stuf
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