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  1. hi all i pay 300 dollars and buy patron account, when i see all news small players want to wipe ! if you wipe we want refund money back or refund all money in game we have take for buy many ship or construct in game. look how many hours we have play and mining for get somme millions and now you want reset all !!!! if you wipe give all money we have now for we can reconstruct and buy at market place. i vote for no wipe or just wipe necessary for servers. no money wipe and no wipe for players talents and shematics respect olds alpha players , we have give you many money for help you . and now you give money back or stop to wipe all . thank you to read this and sorry for my poor english .. i french
  2. suite a cette maj dont vous parlez, tous les gars de ma team ont areté de jouer vu qu ils ne pouvaient plus rien fabriquer.. moi j ai du me faire 5 persos, 2 pilotes, 2 mineurs, 1specialistes des usines, le probleme c'est qu il faut changer de persos sans arret... pff
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