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  1. First off, I've been an Alpha tester on about 15 games and a Beta tester on about 40 games such as Meidian 59, Everquest, Dark Agwe of Camilot, World of Warcraft, etc.....

    So, I'm not new to this. I like this game quit abet but, I see a lot that needs improving.


    1) The Voxel system: they're copying the Everquest Next Voxel system. this is fine as far as I'm concerned. I played that sandbox for a year and there system was perfected, this system isn't yet. You have bleedover from one voxel to the next. You put down 2 squares then a 45% and then 2 more Squares and that 45% angle will distort or even change to a square. the individual voxels aren't perfected yet. The Smooth Voxel Tool is a mess. Try and use it and your angles that your trying to curve looks like a close up of a Jimmy Dean Sausage, I'm she there's players that can get it to work, about 1% of use. its a really bad tool. I forgot the name of the Tool you us to make long angle with but after using it for an hour trying to make a ship with a small noise and rounded edge's I realized that tool should have many levels to it. You can't attach another voxel to what your making, it distorts it and you cant repair it without choosing even more damage. again, I no there some players that are just dam great at it but, most players like myself cant work it and that's going to be most new players to this game.

    Voxel system needs to be perfected and made much easier.

    2) Seriously, let us be out of body like 99% of all other games. a Must!

    3)PvP aka: Space combat is rather boring...see Star Citizen.

    4)You really can't get the Planets and Moons to orbit? 20 years ago I took and astronomy class and we met in a planetarium, they had a program that did just that so it's old tech.

    5) Minning: Honestly, the worst system I've ever seen in any game. The Minning Units produce at best 123L of whatever ore in 1hour, completely useless unless you have multiple territories which is expensive. honestly, to make Pure Aluminum you need 585 Bauxite to make 405L of Pure Aluminum. So it takes 4 hours to mine the ore then produce the 405 Pure Aluminum that's not enough to make anything. In the time it takes for the miner to mine 123L of Bauxite I can pick up 20KL of it off the ground, which is MAJOR BORING!

    You need to increase the output of the MU by at least 10 fold. 1,230L per hour makes much more sense 123L an hour. this way we can actually do something. also, tier 2 we should be able to drop a MU for each ore, not just one.

    6) reduce the taxes from 500,000 a week to 100,000 a month. in order for us to make money to grow our industry we need to make money which the terrible Minning system wont support unless we get multiple territories which then cost 500,000 per. say good buy to most of your new players right there.

    7) PvE..... without it you'll only get a small following of players. PvP games draw few players, PvE games that has PvP in it draws the big crowd. if you don't have PvE your shooting yourself in the foot!

    8 this is Duel Universe not Single Star System, more star systems please!


    also, How about tires so we can make ground vehicles.

    Cogs and gears so we can make things like rotating signs.


    birds and animals.

    aliens, Pirates, artifacts' from dead races.....


    well, these are my thoughts and ideas




  2. Wish I knew how to build an Aircraft that acted and responded like a real aircraft, not this stupid Flying Hovercraft garbage. You know we've had Hovercraft technology sense the 40s. There's a reason we have no Atmospheric Hovercraft, they don't work.  Hovercrafts are old Technology, very old. Why is it in a Futuristic game like Dual Universe. This isn't anything like the Speeders or Hovercraft from Star Wars. Those are gravity propelled. They don't slide when you turn at high speeds. These Hovercraft do! 

    The reason a brought up World of Warcrafts Land and Flying mounts is because it's the industry standard. IT WORKS! this hovercraft garbage doesn't! 

    There's and old saying, "Smarter not Harder"!

    I'm telling you right now. If they don't change this Atmospheric Hovercraft Flight system there using, there going to loss a ton of players after this game launches!


  3. ok, thank you, I was worried some of you would get nasty about things but, I see your all pretty level headed.


    Jinxed, I only put in the X-Airforce so people would understand I was it the Atmospheric Flight business from age 19-26. I was a Crew-chief on A-10 Warthogs and I understand how aircraft fly. 


    Atmosph3rik, being new to this game, how do I change the controls to the mouse and set it to fly like a plane and not an out of control hovercraft?

    I bought a N188 Mule MK2s. crashed it 4 times trying to get it back to my Territory. When I finally crashed in my territory and died, I went back to it, repaired it and tried to move it to my house. It was a very poor attempt on my part. I give it just 10% power and off it go like a bat out of hell. seems there's not much difference from 10% power to 100% power. I'd fly thru my territory. I'd hit full reverse yet it did nothing, so I'd turn around and hit full forward and it would then slow a then shoot me forward right back thru my territory the other way. know control at all. I don't even see how you can land like that. crash yes. I did this several times got pissed and just rammed it in the ground in my territory. Repaired it and just left it there. 

    It was meant to be my work horse for Minning. 


    Blazemonger, Yes I mean PvE. if there missions/quest are all PvP they will lose about 90% of potential players. in World of Warcrafts hayday they had 14 million players on 222 servers. only about 1 million want to play PvP the rest PvE.


    I have a question? About my Hovercraft. How do I pocket it? 

    If I go to another world I would want to take it with me.





  4. I've been playing for 1 week. Claimed my Territory on Sanctury Moon, built a rather nice house and have done most of the tutorials.

    The Hovercraft are nice but I'd give them up for a good 4 wheel monster truck...LOL

    OK, I did the Atmospheric Flight Tutorial. Sucks real bad. I'm X-Airforce and have both a civilian pilots license and Helicopter License. Haven't used them in years.

    I want to start by saying I really like this game. Needs abet better graphics and they need to do something about all this candy stripped rocks everywhere. LOL


    OK, here is the problem, they got the hovercraft mechanic's right and I'm guessing that spacecraft work for the most part the same way. However, NO aircraft or Helicopter works anything like it does in this game. sorry, very poor design. trying to make atmospheric flight like a Hovercraft it's just plan bad!

    First off, the controls should be the mouse and a little keyboard. the RMB should be used to move Forward, Left, Right, Up and Down.

    The keyboard W to speed up and S slow down. G for landing gear.  be nice if it had a HUD Heads Up Display and a icon showing the landing gear up or down.

    Atmospheric flight should be easy like a flying mount in World of Warcraft. basic and simple. Dual Universe put to much control on the Keyboard when most of it should be the mouse.  to be honest, even the Hovercraft should be mouse controlled.

    I know Dual Universe want's to make a game like no other however, there are some things in all these games that are completely correct and need no improvement. another words, they got it right and Dual Universe to a big backstep on this.


    Now I'm going to tell you what I think is good about this game and then what's not so far......


    Love the building and crafting. best I've ever seen in any game.

    Love the idea of an open universe.

    Love that it's a futuristic  game. 

    Love the Talent tree. (even if its a lot like Eve) 


    OK, now the not so good and bad things.


    The poor Atmospheric Flight. 

    Need more talents on the talent tree!

    The player driven economy.....Several problems I'm seeing. if everyone can make everything, what's the point of the market? You need trade skills ( say 12) and players need to be limited to only being able to master a few of them (Say 2). You need players that can make things others can't because they choose other trades so there'll be stuff to sell on the Market. Again, what's the point of the market? Supply and Demand.....If we can make everything each one of us then there's no demand and no economy!

    So far no Missions (Quest) without this, its going to get boring.

    Better Graphics. If I rated it from 1-10 and WOW got a 5, this would get a 7 at best.

    Seriously, Chase mod a must. Its weird to not be out of body watching what your doing.

    Let use take are helmets off and see are face!



    I think that's enough for now. I'm hoping the developers read this.


    I want to see this game be the next big thing on the internet.  Thanks all......








  5. I bought a pack last week and I cant even begin to figure out this game

    I no its alpha testing but, theres nothing to this game that I can see.

    I logged in after creating my character which at this point is nothing.

    found myself in some room that I couldn't do anything in. after acouple days dinking with this game I manage to get the teleporter to move me to what looks like an empty airport.

    after acouple more days I found some lockers that gave me a blueprint and some materials.

    I went outside and used the blueprint to get what looks like and unfinished hoverbike. I think that's what it is.

    cant pilot it at all. flips upside down a lot. 

    cant even begin to figure out the Voxel system.

    why are there no tutorials that explain how to use this voxel system. the tutorial that it does have is nothing.

    im totally lost!


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