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    --------<| Pantheon Jumpworks |>--------
    "Ascending the Limits"

    ~ Our Mission ~
    Pantheon Jumpworks (PJW) is an International Service & Manufacturing Corporation that is comprised of several overarching branches and smaller divisions working for the umbrella that is the Pantheon Jumpworks brand.

    Pantheon will provide any services or goods that a client might need, as well as provide steady jobs to our members to ensure we all prosper and flourish.

    - Fratrum ducit ad proficiendum -
    "Brotherhood leads to progress"

    We work to ease the burden on our clients by offering any service from mining, construct building, construct design, transport (passenger and cargo), bounty hunting, bulk product shipment (ships, buildings, stations, materials, fuel, and elements), and more.
    We are open to contracts with any organization, so if you are looking for a manufacturer to buy goods from, consider Pantheon and reach out to us using the contact methods below.
    We are also accepting applications from citizens of all nations and career fields. Join Pantheon and be a part of a growing company with a bright future where your opinion matters and your new career is waiting.
    ~ Contact Us ~
    There are several ways to contact us regarding membership, business agreements, partnerships, etc. The main methods are listed below, but we are most active on Discord.
    [ DISCORD ]
    [ TWITTER ]
    ~ Member Organizations ~
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    Fischerblue got a reaction from Jake Arver in 10 days .. and counting ..   
    I mean those that haven't received NDA yet (contributors) should be receiving it tomorrow. Just from what I've seen posted on the discord. 
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