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  1. Hey Aydens, welcome to the community!
  2. Hey Ceades, welcome to the community!
  3. Muninn Shipping Co. {Currently recruiting all skill-sets} Purpose: Through providing services to the citizens of the universe; purpose, comradery, and adventure are created. [MSC] focuses on providing contract services to those in need, whether this is personnel transport, pilot contracting, or asset shipment. Benefits of being a member: The benefits of being a member is being able to take contract jobs through the company. As a member you will be able to use a company ship to complete the contract and receive a payout from the job. As you transition from a probationary member to a full-fledged member, your job payout increases. If you're an "owner-operator", it will act more as a middle man to set you up for contracts. As a non-transportation member who contributes to the company, you will also receive payment for your services. Benefits will be more thoroughly covered as time progress to the game release. Who should apply: Mature individuals (Prefer 18+, determined on case by case basis) WE are not nation restrictive, anyone is welcome Friendly Eager to contribute to the group and want to build a community Overall, don't be a dick and communicate with fellow members. How to join: Organization representatives: If you're looking to contract with [MSC], contact Fischerblue or Megumo on the company discord. Once you contact someone, you'll be given a new rank and discussions can begin. Aspiring Members: If you're looking to join, join the discord. The #how-to-join section contains an application link, apply both here on the game website, and in the google docs form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Fischerblue. {Discord}
  4. I mean those that haven't received NDA yet (contributors) should be receiving it tomorrow. Just from what I've seen posted on the discord.
  5. I heard that they're using a p2p system, so I'm curious to see how that's going to work with the amount of players they want on the server.
  6. NDA is going to be going out tomorrow from what I've heard.
  7. discordauth:D5y5MBQ2xn9M41MKEjN1iAT21LHSzpvNgIROK75qnaI=

  8. Hey I'm Fischer. Recently contributed in anticipation for Alpha 2, been putting it off for awhile. Just throwing up the intro thread for validation purposes primarily.
  9. discordauth:D5y5MBQ2xn9M41MKEjN1iAT21LHSzpvNgIROK75qnaI=

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