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  1. Sorry about that I quoted you instead of Kiklix who had posted after you. In other news, I have another error 500 member trying to log into the forums, so that is definitely still around.
  2. Yeah we had a member get the error 500 message that is referenced in this other thread here So far everyone that was having issues got through fine with the exception of our Aussie
  3. Nyzaltar, I have the questions you sent me earlier posted on our Discord server and Forum. It looks like the problem might have been resolved over the last few hours as I've had a few let me know they received their emails. We'll see how the day goes.
  4. So thought I'd post this here as part sanity check and part PSA/feedback on this issue. So after the release of the Org page several friends of mine attempted to create an account here. For purposes of transparency this was over two days (10th-11th). They have still not received their authentication email confirming their account. As of now most of them used a Gmail account with one Hotmail user. I've done some testing and here's where the sanity check comes in. I've found that while you might expect both the Forum and Org page to be connected they just aren't...at least not entirely. Now I know the Org page is a new release but something is definitely wrong/broken if you cannot allow new users to create accounts. That said, I've done some testing. I welcome others to try this out as well and let me know if you have the same results...the sanity check. Status Logged in - Forum & Org page (2 tabs same browser...Chrome) Signing out of Forum signs you out of Org page Signing out of Org page does not sign you out of Forum Status Logged out - Forum & Org page (2 tabs same browser...Chrome) Cannot log into Forums directly Signing into Org page will log me into Forum So during my test it appears something isn't right. To be honest I lack the technical web skills to point to the problem so all I can do is recreate what I found so it might make sense to someone else. During my test I found that if I went to change my password in my Forum profile it would bring me to the Org page login screen. I also found that they don't share the same login screen per se but logging into the Org page will log me into the Forums even if the Forum login says I'm locked out of my account for the incorrect password...which technically should be the same but now for some reason isn't at all recognized by the Forum login method. Confused yet? LOL. Another thing that I find odd is that at least for me it still shows me as the newest user to the Forum. While entirely possible that it's true, it does go to show that new member requests simple aren't being processed as I tried to create an account for my wife after mine had been created and she's still waiting for her confirmation email as well. So was I just lucky enough to be the last person where this worked...or OMG did I break it?!?! I swear it wasn't my fault! I didn't do eeeeeeet! Any thoughts???
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