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  1. Our whole group of 18 people quit and we didn't complain once. How many other groups did the same. patch .23 was the nail in the coffin for us. We have moved on. Good luck with the ship show for those still around.
  2. I am afraid that this type of change in production is a game killer for smaller groups and solo players. The use of schematics will force smaller groups into having to buy everything with no real way of making money, to feed the mega corps. that can afford to be the producers. It seems everything in this game is getting more and more slanted to the idea of mega corps. with character specialization as the vehicle to that end. I don't see much of a future of new players entering into a game that promotes individuality, but then restricts the individual and small groups of part time players in participating out side of a larger group. Our little group of 5 active players see no future in continuing in this game with the direction it is heading...
  3. We need a way to recycle old worn out elements. There needs to be a way to recover some if not all of the resources that were used in the manufacturing of said element. Even if its just a partial recovery it would help in salvaging old discarded parts and depletion of resources.
  4. Dang.. was wanting to do it while the game is down.... Not while I have playtime...…..ARG..
  5. Come on folks don't try to over think this problem with economic theory and Game theory of money etc... Its nothing more than the bathtub metaphor of simple economics.. Credits or whatever kind of money flows into the tub and if the tub over flows you get inflation so you open a drain in the bottom...If the amount in the tub reaches a point of almost empty you get a depression where very few have credits to spend. (not enough in circulation) The proper balance of keeping the bath tub half full (Optimum) is the balancing act of the amount of people playing and how many are using the market. This data is only held by the dev's so it falls in there paygrade to devise means to maintain it... Its not hard just has to be done by them... Good Hunting All..
  6. I want to get in and manage our Organizations page. I want to and info and a picture to it while the game is down but I can't see how to access it in able to edit it. If anyone knows how to do it, it would be greatly appreciated for the info. Thanks
  7. I would like to see a progression system that is more real worldly. Like a talent unlock that is directly related to the actions performed. If you fly a lot you progress in being able to fly better unlocking a talent in flight. But because you fly it should have no benefit to say building or mining. Each talent progression should be directly linked to your effort in a specific area of the game. The receiving of a talent in that area would be consistent with the over all theme of an alternate universe but with consistency of a real place.
  8. I am also new and about to enter the learning curve of this game. What I have read though I am seriously interested in the game/ adventure in the world of Dual Universe.
  9. discordauth:C937k9IVEDL_rQmi_ljgUC_ygXtZhStHUukN1SIe8KY=

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