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  1. well there's also Org's that aren't so much commited.. was in one and asked to get involved to their stuff.. either going mine or what-not, teach me how to build ships, contribute to their mining-needs.. Not a single soul showed interest not even the leader showed up in discord to have a talk once but had some 16-year-old on coms that wanted to explain the world in general to me.. lol. Thanks for this! Strange stuff that happened there but since I've left there I found a way better (and smaller) org that was really dedicated into helping me, now it's me passing my not so vast knowledge to newbies and making them feel comfortable ingame!
  2. .. HALO! For all that don't know this pun, this is for you : Hey My name's Demurone and this is the second forum I'm really actively reading and writing in.. the other one (the german read dead redemption 2 forum) is kind of boring to me lately, and this is completely YOUR fault! ? That's right, when I discovered DU in late April 2019, I was already enchanted.. thanks to some really kind help from warm people like yamamushi; I finally proceeded to get my computer ordered, build up and run, to only play this beauty.. well I play other stuff too, but let's be honest.. not comparable And now step by step I'm advancing to learn the game technique, join alliances and all stuff! Looking forward to a very rad time with all of you guys, please be forgiving me if there's any mistake as I'm doing this from work.. otherwise my wife would kill me.. Enjoy the day and see you later on the A1 Test CIAO!
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