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  1. I dont want them to change it, if they say that DU needs AVX, I totally believe them. I just defend against "you should have known that is comming, and 12% of people are just not important" arguments. Not against the argument that DU needs AVX, thats totally fine. But the way it happened is why I think that a refund is very reasonable, specially for the early supporters. https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/Steam-Hardware-Software-Survey-Welcome-to-Steam If you go down and click on the "other seetings" you can see the actual AVX availability of all steam users. Its 88% now. I really like the game, but I'm disappointed to be one of the unlucky 12% without any warning (I didnt know anything about AVX before installing the alpha some days ago). If I get a refund, its totally fine, and one day I just buy the game again at full price, but knowing I can play it.
  2. End of discussion because YOU say so? DU requires AVX has never been the discussion. You are just out of arguments and repeat yourself. But its totally fine, you can end the discussion, you dont need to stay here. 15% are not acurate, thats too. Its 12%. Just look at the steam hardware survey. And we keep repeating. It doesnt chance the facts and how the campain and the requirement has been made 3 years ago, and what it means for 12% of the supporters. 12% is whining? 12% is non-issue? Good luck with that attitute. I hope NQ doesnt share this attitute, or they are just going to repeat the disaster of Ubisoft. And as much as this situation disappoint me, I still like the game and the idea.
  3. I somehow feel like I'm the only one reading the comments on this discussion. Again, I dont say that DU doesnt need AVX. I said that no supporter could have assumed that DU is going to need AVX in the future (as the 3rd game in 7 years) just because it is a complex voxel game. That is a very weak argument. And 15% of the players and supporterbase is a non issue? Someone at ubisoft said the same, I'm sure he got fired after the disaster. I still havent seen any valid argument why it is ok for a game to cut off 15% of its supporters after the crowdfunding, just because their CPUs dont use a feature that 3 games demand. Seriously, that is the base argument behind all of this? People should have know that AVX is going to come? I bet that 95% of the players dont even know what AVX is.
  4. Requirements change, meaning you need some more power or its going to be a bit slower on older machines. Requirements rarly change so that 15% of the people who supported the projects cant use it, no matter if they got the power or not. Its totally OK to make such a decission, but you have to stand to your decission and say "ok, we are sorry for 15% of our supporters and are going to refund you". If you make a crowdfunding for a new car, people support you and pay for it, and a year later you change the requirements so that car can only be used in 80% of the countries of your supporters, I'm pretty sure the other 20% of the supporters demand a refund too. But I already send a request, so lets see. My main Problem is, that I'm disappointed, sad, and suprised by how easily people think that 15% of the players are just dumb for not having upgraded CPUs.
  5. My argument is NOT that DU doesnt need AVX or that NQ is forcing AVX on the customers. So I think I need to make it more clear for you: My Argument is: DU made a Kickstarter Campain in 2016 and got enough support to start developing. In 2017 they changed the requirements and told that DU is going to need a CPU with AVX. Thats a development decission they made and its fine. I totally believe that DU needs AVX. The Argument that voxel games just need AVX and that everyone could have assumed that DU is going to need AVX is wrong. As I said, ALL other Voxel games dont need AVX. Ubisoft(!) tried to force AVX on its customers and failed, just too many people cant use it, so they had to patch it out of their games again. So, what do we have? This is a game that got crowdfunded. After that they decided to go with a special CPU feature that new CPUs got and made it a requirement. No supporter could have seen that coming (just because it is a voxel game). The argument is, that all people of the target group just got new CPUS or have to upgrade. A strategy that failed badly for a big studio, showing that NOT everyone has AVX or is just willing to upgrade. And DU is the only game that needs AVX (ok, maybe 2 or 3 others in 7 years!). All arguments that voxels need AVX, that it could be assumed that this game needs AVX or that people just are going to upgrade and only a minority of people dont have AVX are actual wrong. The argument that DU needs AVX and doesnt force it on customers is totally true. I hope I could clear up the situation.
  6. I dont know about the voxel concept of DU, because it has been in development for 3 years after kickstarter. I play games like Space Engineers (huge voxelbased game) 7 days 2 die Empyrion Planet explorers These kind of huge space sandbox online voxel games are just my favourit. None ever asked for AVX and they all run fine. Infact if you try to google for games that need AVX, you find only the new games of Ubisoft. A publisher for high-end games that reaches most people on the world. I mean they could expect people to just upgrade to play, cant they? After release, they patched their games back to not need AVX, because too many people didnt have it. Strange, isnt it? So, DU is needing something special, something even ubisoft failed to force on customers. Im sure they got a good reason. But they need to be aware that they need something that many people dont have and many of the early supporters dont have. The reason that voxel games just need AVX is just wrong.
  7. The CPU is from 2010, it was the high-end CPU from AMD at that point. I bought it 2012. It was still sold for many more years (just like many other non-AVX CPUs). This CPU is even been sold on ebay and amazon today. Im pretty sure people who dont buy high-end CPUs have been buying non-AVX CPUs until 2016. I mean, people still buy cars that have been build 2009. Isnt that crazy? Or use windows 7 thats even older. As i said, this is not about power or voxels. I play new voxel games all the time. And its no suprise that CPUs dont get upgraded that frequently anymore. Honestly, my DVD drive is even older. My monitor is 9 years old, but its still HD. My Network-cable is just the same age.
  8. I did contact the support. In fact, my CPU is from 2012. And its able to play every game,m, also every other voxel game, because the rest of my PC got more actual hardware. So this is not a Hardware-Power question, its just about one single Feature. There was no need to upgrade my CPU, and there still is none. So it wont happen just for this single game. So its totally fine if they decided to add this requirement after the Kickstarter Campain, just asuming that all first day supporters are just going to upgrade their CPUs one day. But thats just not going to happen. I'm a programmer myself, and whenever we had such problems, I also said "what? They still use Windows 7? But thats not even supported anymore, its 10 years old! We cant help these customers, they have to upgrade". But this never works, specially when the costumers already paid for the service. And even today, about 40% of Windows users still use a 10 year old Windows 7 version. Thats just how people are. I have also seen people drive in cars older then 6 years. In my early PC-Geek ages, I upgraded my PC like every 2 years. Now I just upgrade some modules, and only do a full CPU/Mainboard upgrade like every 10 years. GPU got much more important. So its totally not a suprise that people still use CPUs without AVX. And they can play every game, any voxelgame without Problem. And I'm just not Geek enough anymore to upgrade my PC just for one game that I MIGHT like one day. Its sad that this requirement came up after the Campain, but at this point I would expect the developers to say "Thank you a lot for your early support, without you and all the other supporters, all this would have been impossible. But we are sorry to tell you that we developed the game in a direction where it requires a special Feature of the CPU, a feature that all PCs made before 2012 dont have. We are aware that CPUs dont get upgraded that frequently anymore, so you and other supporters might not be able to play our game. But for development reasons we cant change anymore, we depend on this feature. We are also aware that you PC might totally be able to run the game and many other games like DU, and only this single feature is stopping you from playing it. We understand that its frustrating and feel sorry for our early supporters who cant play the game. We thank you a lot for your support and we offer you to refund you the game, and hope that you come back one day." Honestly, thats what I expect a developer to say to an early supporter, who cant play the game because of a special requirement change. And it doesnt seem like I'm the only one with that problem. Just like i didnt believe that anyone on earth is still using Win 7 anymore, or Internet Explorer. We didnt even optimize for Safari Browsers anymore, because only a few % of people use it. Big mistake and many angry costumers
  9. I have the same Problem. Just installed and now it says I need AVX. I dont even know what that is. I can play ALL games, I got hundreds of games, this is the only one I know that requires a AVX. So it really doesnt work if you dont have a CPU with that? And I have played several Voxel games without problems yet. I just cant afford to upgrade my CPU, that would also mean to upgrade my Mainboard and a lot of other things. Thats just not going to happen anytime soon. The Kickstarter Campaing didnt say anything about AVX. My CPU is 6 years old, that cant be too old to play this game. I'm honestly not in the age anymore where I upgrade my CPU every 3 years. So, if this is a requiremend and it hasnt been stated on the kickstarter, is there a way of refund? As much as I like the game, there is no point in paying for it if I cant play it.
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