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  1. In this thread, I am going to ask a few questions about how the stars present in all star systems around the game work. My main question is: - Are the stars solid objects in the game that can be flown up to or flown past, or are they just part of the skybox? - And as an extension, would they begin to do damage if you get too close to them? The following questions are only valid to ask if the answer to the first question is yes, but here they are anyway: - Do planets orbit around the star, and would anything closer to the star orbit at a faster rate than things far away? - Do the stars emit some sort of energy value, and if yes, would it be plausible to construct a Dyson sphere or Dyson swarm around it? - Will stars in different parts of their lifetime (e.g. White Dwarves, Red Giants) be present across the universe, and will a star be able to convert from one stage to another.