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    My idea is to allow an organization to use Resource Tokens to pay it's members for helping the organization to grow. Basically the organization is in need of a large amount of resources, or a service, so the organization issues a quest(s) for parts of what ever good or service.  Instead of paying in currency, the organization pays out in these resource tokens. 
    First off this similar ideas have been mentioned in different ways in the forums.  While there may be more, I wanted to make sure to link at least the ones that I have found already.
         An example of Stocks https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/14142-physical-financial-securities/&tab=comments#comment-95277
         Example of player created resource tokens http:// https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/607-resource-tokens-for-player-item-trading/&tab=comments#comment-4271
    Second A Scenario: 
    A new organization needs resources (lets say 10,000 units of iron) to get off the ground. However, being new this group, lets call it Orbit... I am really bad at naming things and the gum is sitting in front of me right now ok!.. don't judge me...  Anyways, Orbit  does not have enough money to pay its members for a quest. Also Orbit wants to keep track of who actually does the must work for the Organization to award those members later. So Orbit starts a quest for its members that pays out 100 "Orbit Resource Tokens"  for every 100 units of iron that is delivered. The players that does the most work get the most Orbit Resource Tokens.  
    Some time has past and Orbit gets access to extra fuel. There is not enough fuel to give out to every member, so the group sells 'X' units of fuel for 'Y' number of  Orbit Resource Tokens. Again the player that has the most Orbit Resource Tokens can purchase the most fuel.
    The way it works is that every organization has access to a specific amount of resource tokens. For example Orbit as a new Organization has access to 100,000 resource tokens that it can issue out for quests in place of in game currency or objects.
    The value for these tokens depends on what ever the organization is willing  to assign them. So it could be everything from nothing to a one time prize of 1 DAC.
    Some thoughts on these tokens:
    Each organization only has access to a limited number of tokens Number of tokens can be scaled based on Organization size or some sort of leveling system The intended way for an organization to get bask the tokens through either a trade, the barter system, or a quest Tokens can only be set up to trade to other members or allies of the Organization This includes trading between players in the same organization that does not involve a quest Either Tokens are non physical item to prevent theft from PK, or any tokens not in a current member's inventory after 14 days are automatically refunded back to the organization A player leaving the organization would automatically see  their stored tokens refunded  back to the organization after 7 days  This time frame could be changed by the founder, or their designee player in charge of tokens (token master, quest master, Mister Fred)... did I mention that I am bad at naming things No in game requirement for a Organization to use tokens No in game requirement for a Organization to pay players back for tokens No in game requirement  for a Organization member to give back any tokens More Tokens cannot be made by the organization  
    That is pretty much it. I thought that I would share my idea and did not spend a lot of time to see anybody better at naming things already shared it in the forums. If I missed a discussion I apologize. 
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