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  1. I would like you to give me a glass of wate, please. Can you please give me a glass or water? Can i have a glass of water please? Basically you use "can you" our "i would like" and add "please" . Simple recipe.
  2. I would say any modern internet connection has enough mb/s to support any game. Ping is not a issue. But as all games i (strongly) advise a low packet loss connection. So i would stay away from home wireless and 3g,4g in a low covered /saturated zone.
  3. discordauth:HltnzbX5MVDvG1lW1qdawsVqB-ayiAM842jGUMUcURQ=

  4. Hi, Im Joao Cordeiro from Portugal and im a cloud architect. I know Lua and have made some scripts in the game From the Depths Im liking this game so far and I hope for a huge lua API so i can script lots of things. Thank you discordauth:HltnzbX5MVDvG1lW1qdawsVqB-ayiAM842jGUMUcURQ=
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